Yeh Hai Chahatein [1st September 2022] Written Update

Yeh Hai Chahatein 1st September 2022 Written Update On

The episode start with:

Armaan is mystified by Prem’s ability to bring the plant back to life. According to his opinion, it is not conceivable for it to happen. He investigates the garbage can and discovers the decomposing plant. He is now aware that Prem purchased a brand new plant, which came at an extremely high cost. It has been decided that he will meet with the florist. Pihu, on the other hand, dials Raj’s number and inquires about the quality of his speaking voice. Raj makes an attempt to talk, but he is unsuccessful. She requests that he refrain from attempting it. She offers her sincere apologies to him. She explains to him that she and Kanchan were completely innocent of all charges.

She claims that she waited for them to lift the trophy jointly before acting in such a manner, which begs the question why she would do so. She continues by saying that she will track out the individual who is responsible for everything that has happened. She assures him that she will see to it that he secures a deal with the best music company in India, but in exchange for his faith, she asks for his cooperation. She questions his level of confidence in her by asking if he trusts her. Vidyut successfully pulls the phone away from Raj’s grasp. He conveys to Pihu the message that they do not place their trust in her. He issues a stern warning to her to maintain her distance from them. After informing her that they possess Rudraksha, he then hangs up the phone. He warns Raj to keep his distance from Pihu due to the curse that Thakurs carry.

Armaan meets florist. It comes to his attention that Kanchan and Rudraksh both purchased the same plant. He now believes that he was correct in his assumption that Prem is employed by Rudraksh. After receiving an invoice for the purchase of Rudraksh from him, he departs from the location.

After a pause of many minutes, Armaan assembles everyone in the main hall. He expresses his gratitude to Prem for rescuing the plant and says that he would like to thank him. He informs Prem that, to him, that plant seems to be an entirely new one. He inquires from him regarding whether or not the latter acquired a new plant. Prem inquires from him concerning the means through which he can get a new plant. Armaan inquires as to whether or not the individual in question is certain about it. He demonstrates the withering plant in front of him. He wants him to tell him where he got the information or where it originated from. He identifies the identity of the plant as one that Kanchan purchased. He then shares the news with his family that he discovered the plant in the garbage can. He asserts that one can hear Kanchan’s name reverberating throughout this plant. He divulges the information that two different people bought this plant.

Prem is unable to buy this pricey plant, according to Preesha, who breaks the news to him. He sends her an invoice for the purchase. He claims that Rudraksh was the one who provided assistance to Prem. He wants to make sure that everyone in his family is on the same page regarding Rudraksh’s scheme. He claims that he has already stated that Prem is working for Rudraksh, but that no one believed him about this claim. Disguises There will be a visit from Vanshika there. She inquires of Armaan concerning the individuals who will have faith in him. She states that she is Prem’s wife when she first makes her introduction. She identifies herself as Prema, according to her statement. She claims that she took the costly plant from Rudraksh’s home without his permission.

She divulges to them that her place of employment is the Khurana residence. Hearing her name causes everyone to be surprised. She claims that the reason why she went through with all of this is to regain Prem’s respect. She reveals to them how much their grandfather, Prem, adores each of them. She divulges the information that Rudraksh terminated her employment after discovering that she had stolen his plant in order to punish her for the theft. She is informed by Digvijay that the plant passed away as a result of Prem’s lack of care. Armaan asserts that Prem even lied about the situation.


The doctor requests that Rudraksh find out what medications Preesha is taking. After some time has passed, Ruhi notices Armaan stirring powder into Preesha’s drink, and she afterwards informs Rudraksh about her observation. Khuranas and Vanshika gain unauthorised access to Armaan’s room in order to retrieve the medications.

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