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Armaan takes Prem’s or Rudra’s preserved idol and conceals it in a cabinet of his own making. He believes that if he accuses the gardener of stealing the idol, gets the gardener arrested, and then forces the gardener to confess why he is here on Rudra’s command, he would be able to display half a video of the gardener taking the idol and not replacing it. Pihu sees Raj and tells him that since he doesn’t appear to be comfortable with dancing, he should just practise singing instead. Ishq Wala Love is a song that Raj plays for her and they dance together very beautifully. Pihu is taken aback and inquires how he was able to learn the dance in such a short amount of time. Raj divulges the information that Vidyuth taught him. Pihu claims that she does not trust Vidyuth, but Raj believes that he knows him very well. She talks about the holiday of Janmastami. During the celebration of janmastami, Raj’s mother would always make him kheer. This causes Raj to have strong emotions. Pihu extends an invitation to him to visit her home.
Roohi and Saransh wish to attend janmastami pooja. Preesha steps in. Roohi addresses her as mother, and then continues to refer to her as mamma. They each receive a brand new dress from Preesha, and she also invites them to a puja. Roohi expresses her gratitude and mentions that she planned on going to the puja. She double-checks the dress and then asks Preesha if she can still remember her preferred hue. Preesha experiences mental muddles. Roohi has stated that it is her favourite hue.
Preesha tells them to get ready to attend the pooja with her, and then she goes. They lock the door behind them and are filled with excitement since they are going to attend Preesha’s janmastami puja. They proceed to get ready as a group and then head into the living room. Digvijay becomes upset seeing them. Armaan encourages him to be patient and see how the drama unfolds.

Pihu is informed by Raj once he has arrived outside the Thakur mansion. Pihu takes kheer for him. Raj feels charmed by her attractiveness. The song “Ishqwala Love” may be heard playing in the background. Pihu is curious as to why he is staring at her in such a way, so she questions him. Raj compliments her on how lovely she is looking. Pihu is uncomfortable around him and thus she serves him janmastami kheer. She extends her apologies to him for not allowing him inside due to Armaan’s presence. He reassures her that everything is fine and then takes a sip from the kheer bowl while holding her hand. She has a timid demeanour. He requests a spoon from her. She reluctantly provides him a spoon to eat with. Kanchan discovers that Krishnaji’s idol has been stolen. Armaan is convinced that Prem stole the idol from him. Prem refuses. Armaan is asked by Preesha to quit making false accusations against Prem. Armaan plays a video that shows Prem selecting the photograph. In his head, Rudra wonders when Armaan came back to record this and what he plans to do next.

After Raj has finished his kheer, he expresses his gratitude to Pihu for providing him with homemade kheer. Pihu enters the room after overhearing Kanchan ask the other character why he did it. Raj becomes sceptical as well, and he decides to check it out.
Kanchan reveals to Prem that she was taken aback by his theft and that she didn’t anticipate it. Preesha claims that she put her faith in Prem and even argued with her spouse on his behalf; nonetheless, Prem betrayed her confidence and needs to feel ashamed of himself. She is misinterpreting the situation, according to Saransh and Roohi. Armaan asks if he stole idol on Rudra’s order. Prem is mulling over his options as he ponders how he can reveal his true identity and escape this predicament. Raj watches the performance and mulls over the possibility of bribing the servant and hiding the idol. Digvijay approaches Armaan with a request to evict Prem from the home.


Roohi reveals that Armaan was the one who stole the idol, not her father. Preesha and Armaan perform puja. Roohi lowers her head and begs God for aid. Preesha has a flashback in which she remembers viewing the idol.

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