Yeh Hai Chahatein [22nd August 2022] Written Update

Yeh Hai Chahatein 22nd August 2022 Written Update On

The episode start with:

Digvijay forcibly removing Prem from the residence. Ruhi stops Digvijay. She explains to him that Prem is innocent and that he did not steal the idol of Lord Krishna. He tells her that she is only a child and that she does not understand anything. In the event that Prem is not the thief, he inquires as to who else might have taken it. She makes a gesture directed towards Armaan. She asserts that Armaan possesses an idol of Lord Krishna in his home. Armaan interrogates her on the senselessness of the things she is saying. According to what he says, they should also kick the children out of the house. Ruhi asserts that she is being completely honest with everyone, and that she possesses evidence to back up her claims. She plays the footage in which Armaan can be seen secretly stowing the idol of Lord Krishna away in his closet.

She can’t help but think back to the time when she watched Armaan record Prem. Her mobile phone is where she stores all of her recordings. She reveals to Preesha that Prem had been tampering with the idol of Lord Krishna. Armaan is questioned by Preesha regarding the motivation behind all of his actions. Armaan confides in her that he has little faith in Prem. He claims that Prem has some sort of relationship with Rudraksh. She inquires as to the rationale behind his belief that Rudraksh is complicit in everything that has transpired. She claims that Prem is quite a seasoned individual. She implores him to refrain from making any additional accusations against Prem. The request that she makes of him is for him to bring the idol of Lord Krishna. Raj goes after telling himself that he is relieved that Ruhi took care of everything and he continues his journey.

It has been brought to Prem’s attention by Preesha’s apology. She confronts him with the question of why he decided to replace the idol of Lord Krishna. Prem confides in her that he views them in the same way that he does his own family members. He believes that the idol of Lord Krishna he has in his home is a lucky one. He continues by saying that he wished for Preesha to have success with the help of the idol he had made of Lord Krishna. He explains to her that he is not the one who took the idol of Lord Krishna that she had. He divulges the location of the Lord Krishna idol that belonged to Kanchan that he had kept hidden. Kanchan discovers the idol of Lord Krishna that she had been searching for. It is something that she demonstrates to everyone. She confronts Prem with the question of why he did not tell the truth earlier in the conversation. The information that Prem imparts to her is that Armaan did not provide an opportunity for her to reveal the truth. He prays that Ruhi may bless him for the evidence that supports his innocence. He hugs kids

Armaan presents Lord Krishna’s idol. Kanchan has suggested that they should all take part in the aarti together. Prem explains to her that he is unable to continue staying at that location. Kanchan inquires for the reason behind his departure from the room. He claims that Armaan insulted him, and he shares this information with her. Leaving that location, he goes somewhere else. He is prevented from continuing by Preesha. She reassures him that she is aware of his innocence and that she does not hold his actions against him. She offers her sincere apologies to him. He informs her that there is no need for him to apologise for whatever happened. She requests that Armaan express his regrets to Prem. It has been suggested by Kanchan that Armaan should offer his apologies to Prem. Armaan apologised to Prem. Prem has indicated that he has no intention of departing.

Kanchan extends an invitation to everyone present to participate in the aarti. Digvijay intervenes just as Armaan is ready to leave, preventing the former from leaving. Khuranas offers up a prayer to God, pleading that Preesha will be reminded of the past when she looks at the idol of Lord Krishna. Ruhi is kneeling before God, pleading with him to perform a miracle. Both Preesha and Armaan offer the aarti prayer. When Preesha looks at the statue of Lord Krishna, she catches a sight of herself offering the aarti with the Rudraksha beads.


Just before Preesha is about to pass out, Armaan grabs hold of her. After some time has passed, Armaan explains to Digvijay that the reason Preesha passed out was because the idol of Lord Krishna is connected with Rudraksh. Pihu is informed by Preesha that Rudraksh gave her an idol of Lord Krishna as a present, and that Preesha is pleased with the new addition to her collection. Everything gets transmitted through Prem’s ears.

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