Yeh Hai Chahatein [23rd August 2022] Written Update

Yeh Hai Chahatein 23rd August 2022 Written Update On

The episode start with:

Janmasthami, Rudraksh gave Preesha an idol of Lord Krishna as a gift. Preesha fondly recalls the occasion. She reveals to him that one of her wishes was to have an idol of Lord Krishna placed in the home, and that he complied with her request. She inquires as to how he suddenly came up with this notion to him. He assures her that their hearts are connected, thus he heard her request even though they are physically apart. He assures her that this relic will bring her nothing but joy throughout her life. She informs him that he is the source of her happiness. She claims that the idol would constantly make sure that they are with each other. They share a hug. She is forced to face the truth, and as a result, she is uneasy. Rudraksh and Armaan are aware of that fact. When Preesha loses consciousness, Armaan is there to comfort her. He picks her up and leads her into a separate room.

From the outhouse, Rudraksh is concerned about Preesha and hopes that she will be okay. He asks the children whether or not they have gone too far. He is informed by Saaransh that he is certain that Preesha recalled something to him. Rudraksh informs him that Preesha passes out anytime she catches a glimpse of him, but that she was able to see him today since he was standing behind her. The reason for everything, Saaransh explains to him, is the idol. Rudraksh warns them that anything can go wrong if they push themselves beyond the bounds. Ruhi assures him that Preesha won’t be in any danger. She claims that Preesha remembers something, thus the fact that it was brought up is a positive development.

On the other side, Digvijay inquires about Armaan’s health about Preesha. Armaan informs him that he has administered the necessary treatment to Preesha in order to ensure that she will regain consciousness the following day. Digvijay claims that he is unable to comprehend why Preesha passed out when Rudraksh was not in the vicinity of the two of them. Armaan explains to him that Preesha passed out after gazing upon an idol of Lord Krishna. He claims that he has a high level of confidence that the idol in question is related to Rudraksh in some fashion. He goes on to say that he needs to gather evidence to demonstrate that Prem is working for Rudraksh.

Rudraksh states that he is concerned about Preesha and wants to check on her. But children are what stop him. They went to the kitchen and asked Kanchan for something to eat. After instructing the servant to provide the children a sandwich, Kanchan exits the room. Within the home, Ruhi takes cover. Saaransh eventually makes it back to the outhouse. After everyone else has fallen asleep, Ruhi sneaks into Preesha’s bedroom. They share a warm embrace.

She raises the window and looks out. Both Rudraksha and Saaransh may be seen entering via the glass. Rudraksh extends an apology to Preesha. When Saaransh strikes the flower vase, it is knocked over and breaks. Rudraksh cautions him to be careful in the conversation. They ought to go back, according to Ruhi. The ornate object was knocked over as a result of Saaransh’s attack. Armaan is startled when he hears the commotion, so he decides to investigate. Khuranas manages to get away from Preesha’s chamber. Armaan enters Preesha’s room. He locates Prem’s scarf in that area.

Pihu inquires about Preesha’s current state of well-being the following day and wonders how the latter is doing. It was Preesha who informed her that she was beginning to feel better. Pihu informs her that she recognises the latter’s concern and that she shares it. She is informed by Preesha that she recalled something from the previous day. She claims that Rudraksh gave it to her as a gift and that it is an idol of Lord Krishna. And the thing that is most astonishing is that she was content with Rudraksh being in her memories. Prem overhears them as they are talking. He encourages Preesha to place all of her trust in Lord Krishna. Armaan is able to hear everything that goes on. He is of the opinion that he had the correct assessment of Prem. He makes the decision to impart some knowledge upon Prem. He walks inside the room while holding Prem’s scarf. According to Prem, he came to water the plants the day before yesterday. He takes the scarf with him as he exits the room.


Preesha confronts Prem about his knowledge that she has an allergy to flowers by inquiring how he came to that conclusion. Armaan watches the video footage that was captured by the CCTV of Rudraksh and Preesha enjoying Janmasthami. He observes that the two idols of Lord Krishna are identical. He then shows Preesha the idol of Lord Krishna that is housed in the Khurana home. He claims that Rudraksha and Prem are related to one another.

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