Yeh Hai Chahatein [24th August 2022] Written Update

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The episode start with:

Armaan inquires about Preesha’s well-being by inquiring whether or not she is okay. He asks Preesha how she is doing, and she tells him that she is doing much better. She inquires as to whether he is anxious about something by posing this question to him. He inquires as to the reason for which she insisted that he apologise to Prem. She explains to him that he did something wrong, which is why she instructed him to apologise to Prem earlier. He explains to her that she places an excessive amount of confidence in Prem. She inquires as to the reason for his lack of faith in Prem. He lets her know that Prem works for Rudraksh in his capacity as an employee. She begs him to quit continuously thinking about Rudraksh and to focus on other things instead.

He tells her that she endured a great deal of suffering as a direct result of the use of Rudraksh, and that he cannot bear to observe her in further discomfort. He claims to have a tremendous amount of affection for her and that he simply cannot risk losing her. As she apologises to him while holding his hand, she expresses her regret that she had misunderstood him. She informs him that Rudraksh is her mortal enemy and that she will not allow him to come between them in any way. She makes a solemn vow that she won’t let Rudraksh to destroy their life and then she quickly departs the scene. He considers it impossible for him to permit Prem to work at that establishment.

Pihu and Raj are both practising their instruments in the college. She assures him that they will be successful in the tournament that they are entering. Vidyut reveals to Raj that Rudraksh will be attending this competition in the capacity of principal guest. Raj becomes thrilled hearing him. Pihu is under the impression that she is unable to extend an invitation to Preesha to attend the competition. On the other side, Armaan has a meeting with a celebrity events organiser. He acquires the film of the celebration of Khurana’s Janmasthami. It is brought to his attention that both idols are identical. He has come to the conclusion that Rudraksh and Prem forced Preesha to view the idol in order for her to recall the events that occurred in the past.

During this time, the children inquire of Rudraksh as to why he appears to be so content. Rudraksh reveals to them that Preesha recalled the joyous day that he and Preesha shared. Saaransh has predicted that they will be successful in “mission mumma” very soon. Ruhi has expressed how overjoyed she is in recent conversations. They both danced together ( Title song plays in the background ). Kanchan arrives, and once she’s there, the first thing she does is question the dancers about why they’re doing it. She inquires as to the reason(s) behind Prem’s lack of employment. The conversation continues with Ruhi revealing that she suggested to Prem that they dance together.

Digvijay receives a complete and comprehensive explanation of idol from Armaan. He is informed by Digvijay that they are required to divulge all of this information to Preesha. Armaan informs him that he needs to find another means to expose Prem, and he advises him to do so immediately. Because he cannot allow Preesha to believe that she has obtained true memories as a result of witnessing the idol of Lord Krishna, he has no choice. Pihu reveals to Preesha that Rudraksh would be serving as the chief guest during the competition. Preesha assures her that she would visit soon and that she will avoid Rudraksh for the time being. Pihu informs her that Armaan will not allow them to leave his territory.

Prem presents Preesha with a bouquet that does not include any flowers. Preesha confronts him with the question of why he is giving a bouquet that does not contain any flowers. He explains to her that the reason she cannot be around flowers is because she has a floral allergy. She confronts him with the question, demanding to know how he is aware of her allergy. He explains to her that the reason he is so knowledgeable is due to the experiences he has had. He claims that he observed that she avoided going near any flowers during their conversation. Both Armaan and Digvijay were able to listen in on their talk. Armaan intends to do a pooja at some point in the not too distant future. He then discusses his notion with his immediate relatives. The priest inquires about Kanchan’s knowledge of the idol of Lord Krishna. Because of the floor’s slippery nature, Prem slips to the ground.


Armaan’s car was involved in an accident in front of the Khurana residence. They enter the building after being led there by Sharda. Armaan reveals to Preesha that she is the only person who has returned the idol of Lord Krishna to Prem today, and he asks Preesha what the idol is doing in the Khurana mansion. Sharda had requested of him to discover the facts from that vantage point. Armaan places a call to Digvijay and requests that he investigate whether or not Prem possesses an idol of Lord Krishna.

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