Yeh Hai Chahatein [25th August 2022] Written Update

Yeh Hai Chahatein 25th August 2022 Written Update On

The episode start with:

Preesha and Armaan assisting Prem in getting up. Armaan cautions Prem to exercise extreme caution. According to Prem, the floor was greasy. Armaan and Digvijay exchange glances with one another. Digvijay describes how he purposefully poured oil on the floor for the purpose of Prem slipping and falling. Preesha confronts Prem with the query, “How is that even possible?” Prem explains that because he is an old guy and he was tired, he fell.

Kanchan shares with Priest the information that Prem provided them with the idol of Lord Krishna. The priest informs her that they will not be able to maintain the idol of Lord Krishna in their home temple because Prem is the rightful owner of the idol. She inquires of him what it is that she ought to do at this time. He urges her that she should give Prem the idol back. Preesha removes the statue of Lord Krishna that is housed in the family temple and presents it to Prem. Digvijay begs Prem to rub some balm onto his skin. Idol accompanies Prem on their journey from that location. Armaan remembers how he convinced Priest to tell such a story by offering him a payment. He is of the opinion that it is now his responsibility to determine whether or not the idol is returned to its rightful owner.

Ruhi inquires as to whether or not Rudraksh is feeling well. According to Rudraksh, it’s starting to hurt. It is Saaransh’s recommendation that they give Sharda the idol of Lord Krishna back to her. Rudraksh gives him a nod in response. Saaransh sneaks out of the house while carrying an idol of Lord Krishna. Armaan notices this, and as a result, he decides to follow Saaransh.

Pihu receives the invitation card to the tournament from Raj while they are both at the campus. She tells him that she is unable to take this card to her residence because she does not have a mailbox. She claims that if Armaan saw Rudraksh’s name on the card, then he won’t let Preesha to attend college and she bases this on her previous experience. She reveals to him that Preesha advised her to use a false invitation card instead of the real one. He assures her that he would assist her so that Preesha can observe her display of talent. Sharda receives the idol of Lord Krishna from Saaransh as a gift. Armaan is aware of such fact. He claims that he was correct in his assessment that Rudraksh is the owner of the idol. He intends to show Preesha that he is right in this matter.

Armaan will later accompany Preesha on their date. She questions him on the abrupt planning of this event. They have a collision with something. She is aware that he has injured his hand. He claims that they had a problem with their car. She recommends to him that they go to the hospital immediately. Sharda travels to that location. Preesha inquires about the clinic from her. Armaan advises her that they ought to head back to the house. Sharda has indicated that she will provide a first aid kit. Armaan recounts how he orchestrated the accident in order to gain access to the Khurana mansion. Vidyut hears about the false invitation card from both Raj and Pihu. Vidyut gives his word that he will assist them.

When Sharda phones Rudraksh, she explains the accident to him over the phone. Children are informed about the accident by Rudraksh. Armaan’s injury was bandaged by Preesha. She is grateful to Sharda. Armaan makes it appear as though he is experiencing vertigo in front of the home temple. The idol of Lord Krishna is brought to Preesha’s attention. According to Armaan, this is the identical idol that Preesha brought back to Prem earlier today. He goes on to say that he was correct in his assumption that Prem is employed by Rudraksh. Sharda claims that this person serves as their idol. She requests that Armaan provide evidence to back up his claim.


Pihu has invited her family to attend her performance. While they are in the campus, Rudraksh expresses to Preesha how much love he has for her. She accuses him of torturing her and tells him so. He claims that Armaan was the one who kept them apart. It is then disclosed that Ruhi and Saaransh are the couple’s offspring.

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