Yeh Hai Chahatein (27June 2022) Written Episode Update[YHC]

Yeh Hai Chahatein (27June 2022) Written Episode Update[YHC] on

When a robber tries to steal Pihu’s bag, she is walking along the street with her head in her phone. She struggles. He makes an attempt to choke her. When Vidyut gets there, he saves the woman from the thief. He asks if she’s alright while helping her choose her purse. Yes, she nods while coughing. As Delhi is not her homeland, he provides her water and advises her to take care of herself. Okay, she nods. He offers to drive her home. She denies his assistance, claiming that he is attempting to help her cover up her error. She can do whatever she wants, he says as he drives off.

yeh hai chahatein..

Sharda brings Roohi to the ice cream shop at the Copola Hotel. Vanshika and Rudra spy on them. Why are they here, Vanshika queries. He says he is watching Roohi because she and Saransh were at the Copola Hotel yesterday, and he wants to know what they were doing there. Preesha passes along with Pihu as Roohi excitedly awaits her. She leaves Preesha behind and tells Sharda she needs to use the restroom. As soon as Rudra observes, she asks Sharda where Roohi went. Sharda asks him to go and check after she says she needed to use the restroom. When Roohi leaves the hotel, Rudra notices her and pursues her. Fans swarm around him for selfies.


Preesha answers Arman’s call and tells him she is going shopping with Pihu as she walks into a parking lot. From the back, Roohi summons her mother. In the background, a song called Tere Laad Ki Mai Chodhungi Na Tera Haath is playing. Preesha turns and sees a girl reaching out her hands. They are running late, Pihu warns her. In her automobile, Preesha drives away. Roohi is inconsolable as she wonders why her mother didn’t act as though she didn’t know her at all.


Rudraksh is startled to see Armaan in the hotel and wonders whether he is responsible for Preesha’s disappearance because he went missing after she vanished and when did he return to Delhi. He spots Armaan entering a staff room while still following him. He is stopped by hotel workers, who he then threatens before he enters the room and discovers nobody is inside. When Sharda inquires about Roohi, he exits. Both of them dash outside to look for Roohi. Armaan hides and gives thanks to God because he saw Rudra coming for him and was able to get away in time. When Rudra sees Roohi in the parking lot, he wonders what she is doing there. What is he doing here, Roohi wonders. He claims he attended a meeting. According to Roohi, she came here after seeing her friend and her parents. Instead of going out alone, Sharda or Vanshika should have been told, according to Rudra. I’m sorry, Roohi says.


Rudra goes back to the hotel lobby and inquires about Armaan’s room number. Initially reluctant, the front desk clerk checks the guest list and says there is no Armaan Thakur currently staying at the property. After receiving Sharda’s call, Rudra assumes Armaan must be staying at another hotel and departs. Armaan believes it will be difficult to locate him and remembers how Rudra followed him, concealed, and paid the front desk clerk to say he was not sleeping there. He believes that before Rudra begins his investigation, he and Preesha should go from Delhi.


When Rudra gets home, she tells Roohi not to take Saransh anywhere without first telling him. He is told by Vanshika that he must go to Oberoi’s party. She is asked to cancel the meetings for today when he refuses. She claims she can’t but that her boss gave the order. Vanshika is urged by Sharda not to take offence at Rudra’s actions because she is aware of his current state. Vanshika denies it and walks away. Sharda questions where Preesha is right now and believes that Rudra is not doing well without her.


Preesha tells Pihu she felt a connection to the girl. Saransh is told by Roohi how Preesha disregarded her. Armaan is staying at the Copola Hotel, and Rudra’s private detective tells him how to get in touch with him. Rudra wears a mask while at the gathering.

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