Yeh Hai Chahatein [27th August 2022] Written Update

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The episode start with:

Rudraksh is seen changing his clothes in the car. He fails to remember to remove the fake eyebrows. Vidyut divulges the information to him. Rudraksh is appreciative to him. On the other hand, Raj cautions Pihu to keep her cool and not let her nerves show. Pihu reveals to him that she will be performing on stage for the very first time.

She states that many representatives from recording companies will be present there. She continues by saying that he will come out on top if she was to make a mistake then. He is clenching her hand in his. He encourages her to inhale deeply and asks her to do so. He instructs her to simply perform while looking into his eyes. A nod is given in his direction. They exchanged a quick glance. They become a fact of life. The question that he asks her is whether or not she is feeling better. She shows him a slight acknowledgement with a nod.

Thakurs, on the other hand, does make it to the college. Preesha goes to meet Pihu. Rudraksh travels to see Raj. When Preesha sees Rudraksh in the locker area, she becomes enraged. She inquires as to what he is up to by asking him what he is doing there. He explains to her that his purpose in coming was to see Raj. He is getting ready to leave the room. She contradicts him by declaring that she won’t be leaving. She has it in her head that he was holding her pallu, therefore she scolds him for doing so. The news that her blouse hook has been removed stuns Preesha.

Rudraksh is aware of that as well. She completes the turn. She tells him to close his eyes before continuing. He assures her that he will be there for her in times of need. She inquires of him to retrieve the safety pin from the table. He gives her a safety pin as a gift. She is having difficulty because her hand is unable to reach her back. He guarantees her that he will carry it through. She maintains that there is no need for that. He explains to her that he is not going to open his eyes. In the meantime, Thakurs has found out that Rudraksh is the major visitor. Armaan goes to chat to Pihu.

Rudraksh is the recipient of the safety pin that Preesha has given him. He helps her. Their proximity has an impact on him. He is under the impression that he is incapable of becoming angry. Also, if he did something, Preesha might have a fit about it. She demands to know from him why they are having to wait so long. He explains to her that it’s stuck and that he can’t open his eyes to see clearly because of it. She tells him that he is able to open both of his eyes now. But he will not comply. She completes the turn. It is now safe for him to open his eyes, she assures him. She is just about to depart from that location. But he has control over her. He begs her not to go away from him. He expresses to her how much he cares for her by letting her know that his life would be meaningless without her presence. She inquires as to whether or not he has any concept of what love is. She informs him that he tortured her in various ways. He invites her to gaze into his eyes and she obliges.

According to him, Armaan was the one who drove them apart. She defends Armaan. She claims that Armaan loves her very much. He tells her that Armaan only loves himself and nothing else. He insists that he is unable to acknowledge the possibility that she dislikes him. He explains how Armaan helped her forget about her previous life. She reveals to him that he has been lying. He wants her to sense the love that he has for her. He tells her that Saaransh and Ruhi are their children together with their other children. She enquires of him how something like that could be feasible. He lets her know that Armaan has been lying to her about the kids. He begs her to not despise him in any way. He moves in close proximity to her. She is reminded of the attempt he made to take her life. She pushes him.


Armaan places the blame for Preesha’s passing on Rudraksh 

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