Yeh Hai Chahatein (28June 2022) Written Episode Update[YHC]

Yeh Hai Chahatein (28 June 2022) Written Episode Update[YHC] on

Preesha is told by Pihu that a thief tried to steal her bag but that Vidyut intervened in time to save her. Preesha worries and inquires as to how she is doing. Pihu reports that she is alright and that Vidyut saved her; however, she told him that she hasn’t yet forgiven him because she thought he was attempting to impress her. Preesha predicts Pihu won’t attend college by herself. As it is only a little issue, Pihu tells her to calm down and reminds her that they are going shopping. Preesha promises that they will talk about it. Okay, SIL, Pihu responds. I adore you. Preesha claims she had a memory of hearing a similar statement.


Roohi arrives home dejected and tells Saransh that she saw her mother. Saransh gives her a warm hug and inquires about her encounter with her mother. Says Roohi in front of the hotel. Preesha tells Pihu that she saw a girl outside the hotel and thought the two of them were related. Roohi sobs and tells Saransh that her mother was standing right in front of her and even gave her a quick glance, but she pretended not to recognise her. Preesha confesses to Pihu that she unknowingly missed the girl but had the impression that she knew her and was a part of her life. She claims that the girl was staring at her and that she felt as though she had not seen a loved one in a very long time. That’s why, according to Pihu, she is too talented. Roohi claims that her mother ignored her and didn’t even give her a hug.


Saransh tells her to stop sobbing and explains that if her mother had seen her among the crowd, she would have recognised her. He promises that they will visit Mamma tomorrow. According to Roohi, papa told everyone not to go without telling them and told the driver not to take them out. Even if they go there, she claims the receptionist won’t let them meet Mamma. How will they meet Mama then? he queries. Preesha had mentioned going to a party at the SR Purple Regency Hotel, she recalled. Both of them intend to run into Preesha there.


Rudra chastises his private detective for being unable to find Preesha. PI claims that despite his best efforts, he was unable to locate her. What about hospital security footage, inquires Rudra. According to PI, there was no hint in the video. They will, according to Rudra, who claims to have seen Armaan after a year and is certain that he is responsible for Preesha’s disappearance. Why does he think that, PI queries. Rudra said that Armaan loves Preesha so much that he came back to Delhi under the false pretence that she has a terminal disease and is dying, but today he saw him in good health. He requests that PI locate Armaan’s information.


Digvijay is told by Armaan that Rudra saw him at the hotel and that they should go back to Mumbai tomorrow to try to persuade Preesha. When Preesha welcomes Pihu and Kanchan home, she queries why he seemed angry. After leaving Pihu off at college, he claims that this business is struggling in Mumbai and that they must therefore return there the following day. Preesha claims that because Pihu was attacked today, she won’t leave her alone. The episode is described by Pihu. Pihu will get admitted to Mumbai’s top university, according to Armaan. Pihu claims that Delhi’s college is the best, hence she won’t be attending. Preesha also becomes adamant and demands that Arman go if he so desires. If she stays here, Rudra will find her, and Armaan mulls over how to explain this to her.


Armaan runs across PI once more, who lets him know that Armaan is in Delhi and is staying with his family at the Copola Hotel. Rudra claims he needs to get in touch with Armaan before he disappears once more after realising the receptionist lied about following Armaan’s directions. According to PI, Armaan is bringing his family to Oberoi’s engagement party. Rudra phones Vanshika to confirm his participation at the celebration since he remembers Vanshika telling him about Oberoi’s engagement party. He will go to the party to search Preesha since he is convinced that Armaan has done something to her. After the celebration tomorrow, Armaan will take Preesha far away from Rudra since he believes that Rudra will come looking for her.


Ahead of her meeting with Preesha tomorrow, Roohi dances with Saranh to the song Love Yo Zindagi. While Saransh sleeps, she keeps being stimulated and doesn’t get any rest. She enters the living room and attempts to strike the person there with a broom after finding him there. He’s him, replies Rudra as he stops her. They both have fun. She inquires as to his activity in the kitchen. According to Rudra, he didn’t feel tired and went to the kitchen to have some ice cream. The same is said by Roohi. Both of them like ice cream. She believes she can’t tell Papa about Mamma and tells him she has a test tomorrow and can’t sleep because of her worry because she believes she will see Mamma then.


Rudra visits a party and observes Armaan.

He recognises Preesha as she dances with him while wearing a mask.

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