Yeh Hai Chahatein [31st August 2022] Written Update

Yeh Hai Chahatein 31st August 2022 Written Update On

The episode start with:

Rudraksh tells Vanshika that he is about to reach Armaan’s residence and that he can’t go in front of Armaan with his original black eyebrows. He requests that she acquire him some false eyebrows. He is informed by Vanshika that MK is not currently present in the city. He warns her that if she does not bring a set of artificial eyebrows with her, everything will go horribly wrong. On the other hand, Kanchan claims that Prem is such a reckless gardener. She continues by saying that she will not show any mercy toward him. Digvijay confronts her with the question of what it is that she is doing there.

Kanchan reveals to him that Prem is responsible for the destruction of her plant. She has been quoted as saying that she does not want an incompetent gardener working in her home. She continues by saying that Prem is not permitted to be in her residence. It has come to her attention that she should dismiss him from his position. When the children hear her, they are startled. Digvijay shares with Armaan the news that today is the latter’s fortunate day. According to him, Kanchan would terminate Prem’s employment, and Armaan does not need to take any action.

Vidyut and Rudraksh have arrived at Armaan’s residence. There will be a visit from Vanshika there. She reassures Rudraksh that she will save him by claiming that she is his saviour. She gives him eyebrows that have been made out of synthetic hair. She claims that she obtained it from MK’s assistant. a. Rudraksh expresses his gratitude toward her, and then he enters the building.

A little later, Prem can be seen going into the outhouse. Kanchan is questioned by him regarding the purpose of her presence at that location. Kanchan kindly brings to his attention the fact that she had previously instructed him to look after her plant. She confronts him with the question of why he let her plant to wither and die. She explains to him that she does not like to have an incompetent gardener working in her home. She tells him to get his things together and to escape from that location immediately. He requests that she give him her attention for only one time. She lets him know that she is not interested in listening to what he has to say. Preesha inquires as to the location to which Prem and the children will be travelling at the present time. Kanchan has informed Prem that he will only be permitted to stay for the night. Thakurs embarks on his journey from the location.

The following day, Preesha shares with Kanchan her concern that Prem’s age will prevent him from finding gainful employment. She is informed by Kanchan that she is not responsible for Prem in any way. She insists that Prem had to leave the house immediately. Observant, she takes note of her plant. She inquires of Preesha of the manner in which this magic was performed. Prem shares with her the news that he was able to bring the plant back to life. He asserts that he has several years of experience in the gardening industry. When she sees the plant, she feels a sense of happiness. Armaan inquires of Prem as to whether or not the latter has already exited the residence at this point. It was Preesha who broke the news to him that the issue had been resolved. Kanchan explains the plant to Armaan. Armaan looks at the plant. She expresses her regret to Prem for the severe reprimand that she just gave him. He is instructed by her to remain in that location, since he is required to do so. The only response she receives from Prem is a nod.

Rudraksh recounts the story he told his children and grandchildren about his dream. After hearing what he has to say, they should go back to the Khurana house. Kids recommend having a conversation with the Doctor. Ruhi has stated that they must continue fighting and cannot give up. Rudraksh gives her a small nod in acknowledgement. He is struck with an inspiration that could help him keep his job. Vanshika receives a phone call from him in which he requests that she purchase a new plant. Rudraksh eventually receives a fresh plant from Vanshika after a certain amount of time has passed. Vanshika tosses the dead plant in the garbage can and walks away from the scene after doing so. Rudraksh has the assumption that he will be able to continue living with Preesha.


Armaan discovered the dead plant in the garbage can. He demonstrates to his family that the plant has passed away. The origin of this plant is something he is curious about. There is interaction between people there.

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