Yeh Hai Chahatein [3rd September 2022] Written Update

Yeh Hai Chahatein 3rd September 2022 Written Update On

The episode start with:

Armaan dissolves some powder in the water, and then he gives Preesha the water that has the powder in it. Rudraksh is kept apprised of all that Ruhi sees because she shares her observations with him. Rudraksh asserts that his scepticism was warranted all along. He tells them that the medicine they need is in Armaan’s chamber, and they should look for it there. According to him, they cannot search for medicine in Armaan’s room unless Armaan is not present in the house at the time of the search. The following day, Vanshika mentions that she devoted some of her time to completing duties around the house in order to gain access to Armaan’s bedroom more quickly. Ruhi affirms that she will accompany Vanshika to the location in order to be of assistance. They start their journey from that location. Rudraksh is asked by Saaransh not to be concerned because the team that Vanshika and Ruhi have assembled is strong.

Ruhi explains to Kanchan that the reason she came was to ask Preesha for assistance with her homework. Armaan inquires of Prema on the reason for her presence at that location. Kanchan explains to him that because Prema wanted to do any job, she instructed Kanchan to give her the task of cleaning the house. Armaan gives her a nod before walking out of the house. When Saaransh and Rudraksh observe that, it makes them extremely pleased. Digvijay comes back in order to get the file. Both Saaransh and Rudraksh experience a startled expression upon witnessing Digvijay. Rudraksh goes to the outhouse and tries to call Vanshika, but there is silence on the other side of the door.

In the bathroom of Armaan’s room, Prema looks through the medication cabinet. There will be an appearance by Digvijay there. He inquires as to why she is in Armaan’s room and what she plans to accomplish there. In her state of disbelief, Prema accidentally breaks the flower vase. Everyone regularly visits that location. That inquires about what took place, Kanchan says. According to Prema, she was cleaning Armaan’s room when she heard Digvijay cry, and she became startled as a result. Kanchan has enquired of her on the cleanliness of the other room. The young woman, Prema, walks out of the room. Digvijay reveals to Kanchan that Prema had held the position of housekeeper in the household of Rudraksh. Kanchan encourages him to stop giving his thoughts so much attention. He then walks out of the room while carrying the file.

Raj meets Pihu outside Thakurs house. Pihu explains to him that he was silent when Vidyut kicked her out of the house. She also notes that he did not say anything to defend her. He claims that someone purposefully added something to his green tea to cause him to lose his voice, and he tells her about it. If he has any suspicions about her, she wants to know if he will confirm them. He assures her that he is aware of her limitations and that he does not expect her to act in such a manner. He claims that on that particular day, he drank nothing other than green tea the entire time. He requests her assistance in identifying the true offender so that he can solve the mystery. She reassures him that she will be there for him in his time of need.

Vanshika apologises to Rudraksh. Rudraksh tells her that, and that’s perfectly acceptable with him. According to what he has heard, it is imperative that they trade the medications tonight under any circumstances. Armaan is going to be given some medicines to help him sleep, according to their plans. Prema adds sleeping drugs in Armaan’s delectable food. Armaan receives it from her. / Armaan receives it. Armaan is sleepy and he walks to his room. Rudraksh and his companions manage to enter Armaan’s room under cover of darkness. They have vouched for the fact that Armaan is currently asleep. They conduct a search of the room for any medicines. According to Rudraksh, there is something concealed underneath the picture. They carefully remove the picture, but then they accidently knock it on the ground. Noise can be heard coming from Armaan’s room, which Preesha can hear.

Raj is grateful to Pihu for agreeing to assist him in his endeavours. The slanderous statements made by Vidyut concerning Pihu. He is informed by Raj that he is aware of the fact that Pihu did not commit the crime. He divulges the information that Pihu has been assisting him in locating the true offender. Vidyut’s reaction upon hearing him is completely unexpected.


Rudraksh discovers Armaan’s locker. Pihu observes the greenroom surveillance feed on the CCTV system. She notices Vidyut adding some powder to Raj’s green tea and watches while she does so. Preesha enters Armaan’s room.

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