Yeh Hai Chahatein [4th August 2022] Written Update

Yeh Hai Chahatein [4th August 2022] Written Update on

The first thing that happens in the episode is Preesha walking into the restroom after opening the door. If MK’s theory is correct, Preesha will scream her lungs out if Rudraksh hasn’t gotten away yet. Rudraksh, on the other hand, recalls how he evaded capture inside the restroom by exiting through a window.

He spots Armaan outside MK make-up studio. He suddenly recognises himself in the mirror and laughs. He makes the decision to investigate whether or not Armaan is able to recognise him. He hides his identity by walking alongside Armaan while wearing a car cover over his head. He gets relieved that Armaan did not identify him.

Armaan gives him a call and informs him that the other individual misplaced his handkerchief. Rudraksh modifies his tone of voice and insists that the handkerchief in question is not his before leaving the scene. He meets his kids and Vanshika. He lets them know that Preesha did not see him and that she did not recognise him. He explains why Armaan was unable to recognise him in the passage. According to him, Ruhi’s scheme was successful. That is where they will depart.

Later, when his children ask him how he’s doing, Rudraksh explains that he’s been working hard and needs a break. He recommends that they get some rest before continuing. The two of them won’t be able to get any rest tonight, Ruhi tells him. According to her, Rudraksh has not yet started his career as a gardener. According to Saaransh, Rudraksh needs to acquire the gait and mannerisms of a gardener in order to fit in. In addition to this, he mentions that Rudraksh requires instruction. Rudraksh claims that he is completely self-sufficient and does not require any training. Ruhi explains to him that because he will be staying at Armaan’s house, he will need to pay attention to this training.

Rudraksh inquires of them as to what actions are required of him at this time. A video is played for him by Saaransh. Gardener’s gait is what he teaches him to walk in ( Golmaal song plays in the background ). Rudraksha is currently observing a video about gardening. He claims that there is too much information for him to absorb in a single day.

In order for him to complete the task, Ruhi encourages him by claiming that he is her super father. She encourages him to put his attention on the things he can learn. Preesha, according to what she says, is the focus of their efforts. Rudraksh maintains his drive by picking up a video now and then ( Title song plays in the background ). Kids falls asleep.

The following day, Rudraksh travels to Armaan’s home while pretending to be a gardener. Preesha is the recipient of his horticultural instruction ( Maine tera naam dil rakh diya song plays in the background ). He let her know that she had picked up the skill. He is informed by Preesha that it appears as though he enjoys gardening. She continues by saying that she is happy that Kanchan decided to hire him. It is much appreciated by him. According to him, relationships are similar to plants.

As soon as she removes his fake beard, she is taken aback by his appearance. She confronts him with questions such as why he is there and why he won’t leave her alone, demanding to know what he is doing there. She advises him to go in a different direction. He requests that she refrain from speaking in such a manner. He claims to be her husband and to be living with her. He continues by saying that the two of them, along with their children, adore her so much. She shoves him, then passes out from the exertion. It was actually Rudraksh’s dream, as it turned out.

Rudraksh is informed by Ruhi that training is going to take place soon after she arrives. Rudraksh explains to her that this is something he is unable to accomplish. She inquires about what took place by asking him about it. The subject of his dream is discussed with her. He argues that there would be no point in continuing with any of this if something were to happen to Preesha. She tells him not to worry about anything happening to Preesha because nothing bad will come of it. In addition to hugging her, he gives her a nod in her direction.
Episode ends.


In summary, Kanchan is in the habit of conducting interviews. She tells Rudraksh that because he is old, she does not believe that he will be able to take care of her garden. She requests that he exit that location immediately.

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