Yeh Hai Chahatein [5th September 2022] Written Update

Yeh Hai Chahatein 5th September 2022 Written Update On

The episode start with:

Vidyut is informed by Raj that Pihu is willing to assist him in locating the true perpetrator of the crime. He requests that he refrain from getting involved in this particular situation. He asserts that it is his responsibility, and that he will see to its resolution himself. On the other side, Rudraksh is successful in finding Armaan’s safe. He assures his crew that he has a strong suspicion that Armaan hid some medication inside of this vault. Vanshika inquires of him of the method by which they intend to unlock the safe. The door is approached by Preesha, who raps on it. Armaan is the one who receives her inquiry about whether or not everything is okay. After Armaan had not responded to her presence, she walked into the room. When she sees Ruhi there, she experiences a moment of utter disbelief. She inquires of Ruhi regarding the reason for her presence at the location.

Ruhi remembers that being the method by which her gang concealed themselves. She tells her friend that she sleep walked her way into Armaan’s room, but this is a lie. Preesha informs her that she would accompany her to the outhouse when they finish talking. She is informed by Ruhi that she is not in the mood for sleep at the moment. She mentions that she is interested in going to the rooftop. She continues by saying that she hopes to observe the stars alongside Preesha. She politely suggests that she accompany her to the rooftop. Preesha is the one who transports her from that location. Vanshika is informed by Rudraksh that Ruhi was the one who came to their rescue.

On the rooftop, Ruhi relates to Preesha an experience she had when she was younger, when she and her mother would stare up at the night sky to search for stars. She directs her attention to the star with the most brilliant light. She relates the events that occurred during the Dhruv star. Due to the fact that she is unable to progress past the middle, Preesha finishes the story for her. Preesha inquires of her regarding whether or not she has heard this story from her in the past. Ruhi has this preconceived notion that she is incapable of telling the truth. She gave a little nod and shook her head. Preesha reveals to her that she had the impression that the incident had occurred in the past. Ruhi gets thrilled hearing her.

Rudraksh makes several attempts to crack the safe but is unsuccessful. Saaransh can’t help but ponder what the code may possibly be. Rudraksh has instructed them that they cannot sleep until the safe is opened tonight, regardless of the consequences. He reports to his gang that he has discovered a fingerprint scanner concealed within the safe and that he has installed it there. They dragged Armaan and opened the safe using Armaan’s fingerprints. The safe contains many medicinal items, as discovered by Rudraksh. He claims that he won’t spare Armaan for the pathetic state that Preesha’s health is in because Armaan was responsible for it. Vanshika has informed him that it is imperative that they reveal Armaan’s identity. Rudraksh is informed by Saaransh that they are required to demonstrate the medicinal items to Preesha. Rudraksh has informed them that they are unable to carry out those instructions. Vanshika reveals to him that they now have evidence to support their claims.

Rudraksh assures her that Armaan will successfully disprove their assumptions. He claims that Preesha has complete faith in Armaan alone. He is able to recall the process through which he obtained the drugs that improved his memory from the doctor. The doctor proposes switching out the pricey medications for more recent versions of the same medication. He continues by saying that Preesha will recover the memory she had lost, and that she will no longer have seizures. Rudraksh doesn’t hold back when it comes to sharing information with his crew. According to him, he will only receive the medications on the next day. They collect Armaan’s fingerprints in order to identify him. While everything is going on, Ruhi expresses her appreciation to Preesha for the time she has spent with her.

After some time has passed, Rudraksh will divulge all of this information to Ruhi. The following day, Pihu is granted permission to see the footage from the CCTV cameras after the college day has ended. Armaan and Digvijay get ready for their day at the office. Rudraksh informs his companions that they are no longer need to take the prescribed medications.


Rudraksh reveals to his companions that Armaan is clueless about the fact that the drugs he is administering to Preesha will assist her in regaining the memories that she had previously lost. Ruhi witnesses Vidyut adding a powder to Raj’s green tea and watching while he does so. Preesha reveals to Prem that she is capable of assisting with the delivery of the baby. Prem reveals to her that he was unaware of her professional background in the medical field. In front of Khuranas, Pihu shows the surveillance tape from the CCTV camera.

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