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The first portion of the episode consists of Sharda reveals to Rudraksh that even God is rooting for Preesha’s safe return to her family and friends. Rudraksh gives her a small nod in acknowledgement. Ruhi has expressed confidence that they will once again function as a contented family. Rudraksh retires to his room in order to wash his face and change his clothes. On the other hand, Preesha picks up on Pihu humming a tune in the background. Concerning the song, she inquires of her companion. Pihu discloses to her that Raj is the song’s composer. She gives her the information that she needs regarding the assignment. She inquires as to whether or not the latter is uncomfortable with the fact that she is working with Raj. She is informed by Preesha that it is not fair to blame the rest of the family for the actions of Rudraksh. She claims that she wants to forget her history so that Pihu will not have to be concerned about anything. She goes on to say that she doesn’t see a problem with the friendship between Pihu and Raj in any way. Pihu expresses his gratitude to her. Preesha shares with her that despite the fact that Saaransh and Ruhi are Rudraksh’s children, she has feelings for both of them. Pihu hugs her.

Rudraksh eventually makes it to Armaan’s residence the following day. Ruhi inquires of him as to whether or not he has donned his gardener’s garb. He acknowledges her with a nod. Saaransh inquires of Rudraksh regarding whether or not the latter brought their make-up kit. Rudraksh nods at him. Rudraksh is informed by Ruhi that in this context, he is referred to as Prem and not Rudraksh. Rudraksh gets up and starts strolling in the direction of the house. Ruhi instructs him to take a stooped posture and walk like an elderly man. That location is where the children depart.

Preesha pushes open the door and introduces Rudraksh to himself as Kakaji. Rudraksh requests that she refer to him by his given name, Prem, because that is in fact his name. They share a nod between them. She lets him know that Kanchan will be showing him the servant quarters later on. When he got inside, he went straight to the ground and sat there. Preesha invites him to take a seat in the chair she has brought over. When Kanchan arrived, she informed him that she would take him to the servants’ quarters. Rudraksh approaches Preesha and requests some water from her. She extends her hand to him and offers him some water ( Maine tera naam dil rakh diya song plays in the background ). It is established that he is in communication with her. He is optimistic that she will experience his touch in the not too distant future.

The professor at the university comments that he is impressed with the assignments that the students have turned in. He also mentions that Raj and Pihu are eligible to take part in the competition that is held between the different colleges. The audience enthusiastically applauds Raj and Pihu. They offered each other congratulations on the achievement. She assures him that they will unquestionably triumph in the competition that they are participating in. Vidyut is brought to her attention by her. She tells him that she will talk to him later about the rehearsals, and then she walks away from the room. Vidyut inquires of Raj concerning the manner in which the latter can communicate with Pihu in light of the damage that she has caused to their family. Raj reassures him that there is no cause for concern regarding Pihu’s behaviour. He explains to him that Rudraksh does not object in any way to the friendship that he shares with Pihu.

Rudraksh follows Kanchan as they make their way to the outhouse. She then gives him the instruction that he is responsible for cleaning it, and then she leaves the room. Rudraksh makes a video call to Ruhi and walks her through the room during the conversation. After he has finished his shift, he inquires of her how he is able to continue staying there. She explains to him that if he continues to stay at that location, he will be able to see Preesha on a daily basis. After some time has passed, Rudraksh shrieks in horror upon seeing a large number of worms. Kanchan inquires after his well-being by asking him why he screamed. Attempting to justify his actions, he offers a justification. Because he acknowledges that being a gardener is not an easy job, he intends to increase the compensation that he provides to his gardeners. He starts working at the same time that he is seeing Preesha. He can’t stop imagining themselves on the dance floor together. He explains to her that the reason he is going to all of this trouble is solely for her. When Kanchan compliments him, he snaps out of his fantasies and into the real world.

Episode ends.


In this recap, Armaan mentions to Digvijay that he saw Rudraksh’s car parked in front of his house, and he goes on to say that he told Digvijay about it. The conversation continues with Ruhi informing Saaransh that Rudraksh is not picking up the call. Kanchan asks Rudraksh to get up. Despite the time crunch, he manages to get ready and then open the door. When she sees him, she experiences a startling reaction.

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