Yeh Hai Chahatein [6th September 2022] Written Update

Yeh Hai Chahatein 6th September 2022 Written Update On

The episode start with:

Ruhi approaches Preesha with a request to study a poem with her. Ruhi prevents Kanchan from leaving at that moment as she is going to depart there. According to Ruhi, she is required to deliver a poem in front of the audience. She extends an invitation to her to watch her performance as an audience member. According to Preesha, Ruhi has a really endearing appearance. Ruhi’s mother, according to what she tells Ruhi, is extremely fortunate. Ruhi is under the impression that Preesha is her biological mother.

It is decided that Kanchan will remain there. Kanchan receives word from Prem that he must alter the containers in which the saplings are growing. He is requested to carry it out by Kanchan. Having arrived, he goes inside. He asks Vanshika to let him know if anyone else shows up at that time. He asks Saaransh for assistance in removing the painting.

Ruhi is given the task of learning the poetry by Kanchan, with the promise that she will later serve as audience. She is informed by Ruhi that she is unable to enter the building at this time. She manages to persuade her to continue spending time in the garden. Rudraksh opens Armaan’s safe using Armaan’s fingerprint. He switches out the old medication for the newly developed medication. He hopes Preesha gets well soon. He insists that they depart immediately before anyone else arrives at the location. The latter needs to change the pots that the saplings are growing in, as Saaransh has pointed out to him. With the assistance of Vanshika, Rudraksh adjusts the pots that contain the seedlings.

Pihu approaches a security guard at the college and requests to see a surveillance video of the green room. It is shown in its entirety. She believes that she would never show leniency for someone who treated Raj in such a manner. When she sees Vidyut adding some powder to Raj’s green tea, she is taken aback and disturbed. She vows to herself that she will not be merciful to Vidyut in any way. She decides to expose him. She has come to the conclusion that Vidyut has both she and Raj fooled. She requests that he provide her with that video footage. It has been an hour since he told her to arrive. This is where her journey begins.

Preesha receives her treatment, which consists of Armaan giving her water and pills. It is clear to Khuranas. They leave the house to use the bathroom. Rudraksh reveals to his companions that Armaan is clueless and that the medicines would successfully restore Preesha’s memories. According to Ruhi, they need to take action immediately. According to him, Preesha has a lot of love for her children. According to Saaransh, Preesha takes pride in her work just as much as she does. According to him, Preesha was able to assist everyone.

Rudraksh is of the opinion that Preesha enjoyed her work tremendously. According to him, Preesha was a tremendous help to a lot of people throughout the delivery. He is questioned by Vanshika over what the plan is. He relays the information that in front of Preesha, the two of them will need to act out a comparable recollection. She informs him that they are unable to find a woman who is pregnant for that role. According to Saaransh, he has a thought on the matter.

After a while, Prema and Ruhi bring a goat that is pregnant to the party. Both Kanchan and Preesha were taken aback when they saw that. According to Prema, her goat is going to be neglected, so she moved it because she had no other option. She lets the cat out of the bag by saying that her goat is expecting. Armaan as well as Digvijay travels there. Prema is informed that the goat is not permitted to remain in that location.

They are correct, in Kanchan’s opinion. Kanchan learns from Prem that having a goat around the garden will be beneficial. According to him, the goat would eat the untamed grass. What took place with Prema’s goat, she wants to know. That goat is reportedly about to give birth, according to Preesha. According to Prem, they do not have access to a physician. Preesha has expressed her willingness to participate in the delivery of the baby. She requests that they bring some hot water as well as sheets for the bed. After some time has passed, Prem gives Preesha praise for the assistance she provided. He claims that he is unaware of the fact that Preesha is a medical professional.


Pihu reveals to Rudraksh that Vidyut tampered with Raj’s green tea, and the conversation comes to a head here. Vidyut inquires of her if she is in possession of any evidence on this matter. The CCTV footage is played by her. When they all saw that, everyone was stunned.

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