Yeh Hai Chahatein [7th September 2022] Written Update

Yeh Hai Chahatein 7th September 2022 Written Update On

The episode start with:

Prem asserts that he is unaware of Preesha’s professional background as a physician. The response that Preesha gives him is that she is not a medical professional. In light of the fact that she is not a medical professional, he inquires as to how she managed to accomplish that feat. She claims that she does not understand either and that she was simply following her mind’s instructions when she did what she did. She continues by stating that she had the impression that she had already given birth. Because of how skillfully she handled things, he tells her that she is like a doctor to him.

She is perplexed as to how she is so knowledgeable about the labour and delivery process. According to Digvijay, delivery videos may be found on the internet, and Preesha would have watched them if she had access to the internet. Preesha believes that to be a realistic possibility. Armaan is of the opinion that he needs to raise the quantity of the medication that Preesha takes. During his time at the college, Pihu is given a pendrive by a member of the security staff. She comes to the conclusion that it would be best to present the CCTV footage to Raj and Rudraksh. She communicates with Raj by sending him a message.

Rudraksh and his crew enjoy the fruits of their labour and celebrate their victory. According to Saaransh, everything worked out perfectly according to the strategy that they had developed. Vanshika inquires as to what they intend to do with the goat and the child it bears. Rudraksh informs her that they are able to deliver them to the destination of their choosing. The message that Raj sent him is delivered to him.

Rudraksh confronts Pihu after some time has passed and inquires as to the reason why she has called everyone together. Pihu reveals to Vidyut that she never in a million years anticipated that he would stoop to such a low level. In addition, she says that Vidyut is a traitor. Rudraksh interrogates her on what exactly all of this is. He inquires of Vidyut as to the reason Pihu is pointing the finger at him once more. Vidyut explains to him that he has evolved, and that he has no clue as to why Pihu holds him responsible for the transformation. Pihu informs him that he is performing for the audience. According to what she has heard, he has not evolved in the least. Vidyut instructs her to quit spouting rubbish.

Pihu divulges the information that Raj lost his voice due to Vidyut’s influence. She claims that Vidyut tampered with Raj’s green tea by adding some powder to it. Vidyut inquires of her as to whether or not she possesses any proof in this regard. Pihu asserts that she possesses evidence in this matter. Rudraksh is informed by her that she has footage taken from the CCTV cameras in the green room. She plays the footage from the surveillance cameras. Pihu, along with the rest of the people in the room, is taken aback when they witness Armaan stirring something into Raj’s green tea. Pihu asserts that this is not the truth in their conversation. She also mentions that she was able to recognise Vidyut in this security camera film.

Vidyut remembers how he saw Pihu looking at the footage from the CCTV camera. The security officer provides him with the first footage captured by the CCTV system. Pihu is to be provided with fabricated footage of the CCTV system, per his directions. He is of the opinion that Pihu’s game is finished. He believes that from this point forward, things will finally start to get exciting. He inquires of Pihu as to whether or not she has brought any fabricated video in an attempt to implicate him. According to him, it would appear that Pihu made a mistake by displaying the initial CCTV footage. He reveals to Rudraksh that Pihu had issues with him right from the beginning of their relationship.

Pihu maintains that she is telling the truth in this circumstance. She also mentions that the only time she actually saw Vidyut was on the surveillance tape. Vidyut informs her that the game can no longer be played. She explains to him that he would have altered the video captured by the surveillance cameras. Rudraksh implores her to cease the behaviour immediately. According to him, Armaan is the one who is responsible for what happened. Pihu is questioned by Raj over whether or not she will support him in his conflict with Armaan. Rudraksh has stated that he is going to file a formal complaint against Armaan.


Armaan has been taken into custody by the law enforcement officials. Rudraksh and his companions confer amongst themselves over the new approach. Armaan is informed by the police inspector that it is currently Friday, which means that he will not be released on bond for another two days. Armaan requests that Digvijay provide Preesha with the medication she needs. Prem decides that Preesha will be the best person to assist her in playing basketball. That is not lost on Kanchan.

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