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Yeh Hai Chahatein 8th August 2022 Written update on

The first portion of the episode consists of Rudraksh is told by Kanchan that he is a good worker, and Kanchan then departs after giving him this compliment. The attempt that Rudraksh makes to wash his hands is interrupted. Preesha is one of those who assists him. After a year, he believes that she saw him without the same hatred and anger she had previously felt toward him. After some time has passed, Kids continues to wait for Rudraksh’s call. Rudraksh communicates with them through a video call. Ruhi inquires about how he felt during his first day of work at the new job. Rudraksh expresses to her his exhaustion and says that he needs to rest. It is important to her that she apologises to him. She continues by saying that the reason he is going through this is because of her. He expresses his gratitude to her by letting her know that he appreciates her help.

He claims that Preesha was there with them when they were tending the garden together. He also mentions that Preesha gave him a friendly smile during their conversation. She congratulates him and tells him that he is very fortunate. He assures her that he will bring Preesha to the house within the next few days. Rudraksh is warned by Saaransh to be careful because he is currently at the enemy’s home. Saaransh says that Rudraksh is at the enemy’s house. Armaan’s intelligence is praised by Ruhi, according to Armaan’s companion. Rudraksh informs them that he is taking care of everything, after which he hangs up the phone. He takes off his makeup before going to bed, and then he falls asleep.

The following day, Kanchan approaches the door of the outhouse and begins to knock. Rudraksh is given the instruction to stand up by her. Rudraksh grabs his things and rushes to get ready before opening the door. When she sees him, she experiences a startling reaction. He inquires as to what took place by asking her about it. She makes a pointing motion toward the rat. He has a panic attack after seeing the rat, and he attacks her by jumping on her. He begs her to help him escape the rat’s clutches. They both share a chuckle at his expense. Digvijay is the one who notices that, and he subsequently informs Armaan about it. Armaan laughs. Digvijay asks him to not laugh. Digvijay reprimands Rudraksh for his behaviour. Rudraksh explains to him that he has misunderstandings about what was said. When it comes to rats, he has this to say. It is Kanchan’s belief that he will succeed. According to Rudraksh, Kanchan possesses an incredible amount of strength. He apologises to Digvijay. Kanchan inquires of Rudraksh regarding the latter’s well-being by asking if he is okay. She advises Digvijay to withdraw from further consideration of this matter. She gives Rudraksh instructions on how to take care of the garden before she heads off to the kitty party.

Armaan and Digvijay get ready for their day at the office. Rudraksh is under the impression that Pihu has also moved out and started college. He makes up his mind to look for the medicines that Preesha needs. He sneaked into Preesha’s room without her noticing. It looks like he’s searching through Preesha’s medications. He is perplexed as to why Preesha’s room does not contain any medication. He’s going to check on things in the restroom. When Preesha arrives, she inquires as to what Rudraksh is up to and why he is in that location. He had the audacity to enter her space without first obtaining her permission, and she was not pleased.

On the other hand, Ruhi mentions to Saaransh that Rudraksh is not picking up the phone when Saaransh calls him. She is informed by Saaransh that Rudraksh is working there, and that he will call her and her family at night. She decides to meet Rudraksh. She prepares meals and snacks for him to take with him. She manages to persuade the driver to take her all the way to Armaan’s home.

Rudraksh demonstrates the balm to her while explaining that he came to take it. He is complaining that the pain in his back is getting worse. He continues by saying that he was unaware that this was her bedroom the entire time. She requests that he apply balm to her wounds. He expresses appreciation to her. He claims that he needs to locate someone to put balm on the wound. She reassures him that she will be there for him in his time of need. It seems to make him happy, and he decides to lie down on the bed. Servant applies balm. Rudraksh is perplexed as to what took place with Preesha’s hands. He gets shocked seeing servant.

Episode ends


In this precap, Armaan finds out that Ruhi is going to be there. Preesha is the one who is questioned about where Ruhi is located. It was revealed to her by Preesha that she had not seen Ruhi. He exits the house and goes to the outhouse. Digvijay orders him to smash the door in because he is certain that Ruhi is behind it.

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