Yeh Hai Chahatein [8th September 2022] Written Update

Yeh Hai Chahatein 8th September 2022 Written Update On

The episode start with:

Pihu explains to Khuranas that she is not being dishonest. Rudraksh expresses his gratitude to her for bringing the surveillance film with her. He claims that he is going to file a complaint against Armaan with the local authorities. She begs him not to carry out her request because Armaan is completely blameless. She claims that Vidyut is a treacherous individual. He cautions her not to speak ill of Vidyut in any way, and she should heed his advice. It is his command for her to depart from that location immediately. That location is where she embarks on her journey. Vidyut is under the impression that Raj and Pihu’s narrative has reached its conclusion. Rudraksh reveals to Sharda that he has no intention of sparing Armaan’s life.

After a long journey, Pihu finally finds her home. While hugging Preesha, she cannot hold back her tears. Pihu is being questioned by everyone regarding what took place. Pihu believes that she has severely miscalculated in this matter. In the presence of law enforcement, Rudraksh travels there. Armaan is the target of his request to the police inspector. Digvijay and Preesha are both curious about what Armaan has been up to. Rudraksh plays the surveillance footage from the CCTV cameras. According to him, Armaan tampered with Raj’s green tea by adding in some powder.

Armaan maintains that he was not present at the events in question. Rudraksh asserts that Raj no longer possesses his voice as a result of Armaan’s influence. Armaan claims that Rudraksh is spreading false information. He continues by saying that the video must be a hoax. It is revealed by Rudraksh that Pihu was the one who sent him this video. Pihu claims that she spotted Vidyut in the video when she viewed it in the college, and she adds that she told her about it. She continues by saying that she has no idea where the video originated from.

Armaan was reportedly not present in the green room at the relevant moment, according to Kanchan. The police inspector believes that Armaan would have tampered with Raj’s green tea when no one was around to see what he did. He is informed by Armaan that Rudraksh is the one responsible for all of this. He claims that he is 100 percent certain that this video is fabricated. Armaan is to be arrested immediately, as per the instructions of the police inspector. Armaan has been taken into custody by them. Armaan explains to Rudraksh that the fight is not yet finished. Armaan will be transported to that location by the police. Pihu cries. Rudraksh is given a dressing down by Preesha.

Kids and Vanshika sees Police taking Armaan. Rudraksh is questioned by them over what took transpired. Rudraksh is the one who provides them with all of the information. He claims that it is already the evening on a Friday, which means that Armaan will not be released on bond for another two days. In addition, he emphasises that they ought to make the most of these two days.

Digvijay is questioned by Armaan over what exactly is going on. He asserts that he was not responsible for anything that occurred. Digvijay reveals to him the identity of the attorney who is attempting to get bail. They are informed by the police inspector that today is Friday, and that means they will only have to wait two days before they may be released on bail. Armaan entrusts Digvijay with the responsibility of administering Preesha’s medication when he is not present.

Rudraksh shares with his companions the information that Preesha will succeed in regaining her memory no matter what it takes. Ruhi has informed Preesha that they will be inviting her to the birthday party that they are throwing for them. She continues by saying that they are planning on taking Preesha on a picnic. Rudraksha asserts that Preesha was playing basketball at the location in question.

The following day, Ruhi presents Preesha with a box of chocolates. She tells her that it’s her birthday today, which is a lie. She is inquiring about receiving a gift from her. Preesha inquires as to what it is that the latter is looking for from her. She receives an invitation from Ruhi to accompany her on a picnic. Preesha tells her that she won’t be able to go with her today due to prior obligations. Ruhi begins to cry after hearing the news. Preesha ultimately decides to accompany Ruhi after Kanchan’s persuasive argument. Kanchan is the one who is dispatched by Digvijay to accompany them. Rudraksh hides his cellphone in the cabinet, but he never remembers to secure the door.\


  Raj displays the love letters that Rudraksh and Preesha exchanged with one another. According to him, Armaan is the one who tried to mediate the situation between them. Pihu makes the decision to investigate the situation further. Digvijay inquires of Kanchan as to whether or not everything is operating smoothly at that location.

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