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Palki is getting ready when the episode begins. When Brij arrives, he complements her. He hopes she won’t be exposed to anyone’s terrible sight. Sudha dials her number. She is invited by Sudha to meet her at her house. Palki claims that Sudha immediately called my house. Don’t worry, advises Brij. According to Palki, I think Krish told her everything. She would be busy, he claims. She claims that things will be OK if she accepts Krish and my relationship. He confirms that I will inform Anju of the excellent news. He dials Anju’s number.yeh-jhuki-jhuki-si-nazar-yjjsn written-update

When Palki gets home, she greets Sudha with happy birthday. What is going on between Krish and you, cries Sudha. When did you arrive, Palki? Diya queries. What occurred, Armaan queries. He might already be aware of it, so Sudha asks him to view the pictures. How did you get these pictures, asks Krish. Sudha questions what you’re doing, why you lied to me, and how you thought I’d consent to this relationship. Why didn’t she tell her, she queries Diya. Palki, you won’t become the bahu of this house, she declares. According to Armaan, Krish and Palki are mature individuals who understand what is right and wrong for them. As such, let them pursue their interests. What about my happiness, everyone stopped thinking about me, Sudha inquires. She lashes out at them in rage and sobs. She is given water by Armaan. The glass is thrown after she refuses. To calm down, he commands her. She claims that everyone is correct, but that I am mistaken. She claims that if Krish marries Palki, she would be forced out of the house; since I am not respected there and my kids don’t pay attention to me, it would be best for me to go. I’ll listen to you, Armaan says, as I promised. She replies, “Okay, you and Krish will listen to me without asking me anything; just go to Jammu with Saloni, just the three of you, nobody else.”


What are you saying, Armaan queries. No inquiries, just leave right away, according to Sudha, or I’ll leave this house. I didn’t know the matter would take so long, Bhavna sobs. Yes, says Madhu. I heard your response in your silence, and I realised how valuable I was to the household, so I’m leaving this house for good. Sudha asks if you’ll pack your bags or should I. She’s told to stop by Armaan.


She sobs as she enters her room. She assembles the bag. Diya opens the window and smashes a glass with her own hands. She steps inside the space and moves to unlock the door. Sudha feels unsteady. She collapses on the ground. She is asked by Diya to open her eyes. Sudha is led outside by Armaan. The hand of Diya bleeds. Diya’s hand is bound with a kerchief by Armaan. In Diya’s care, Sudha is. She gives Sudha the lemon juice. Sudha becomes aware. Are you okay, Diya queries. Bhavna, Krish, and Armaan give her hugs. We’re going to Jammu, adds Armaan; your health is important. No one will travel, according to Diya. I knew it, claims Sudha. Diya says that because I value your labour, Palki and I will leave the house while you all stay inside. I can’t live without you, says Armaan. For my sake, Diya says, don’t stop me. She expresses her regrets. If this eases your strain, she continues, I’ll leave from here. She explains, “I know Madhu has her own reasons for disliking me, but I really liked Madhu’s mirror and believed one day Madhu would give it to me as a gift and welcome me, but… She counts blessings. I apologise if I made any mistakes, she says.


Take care. According to Diya, I never distinguished between Bhavna and Palki. However, I was unable to win over your affection for an older sister. Armaan is asked by Diya not to intervene. She requests that Krish take care. She claims that while I couldn’t guarantee your happiness at becoming a grandmother, I prayed for it. Taking Sudha’s blessing, she does. Sudha repositions her feet. Palki is invited to go with Diya. palki notices Krish They go away. Please stop Diya, Armaan begs, adding, “I can’t live without her.” Yes, Diya, stop. No one can ever replace Saloni in Armaan’s life. Asking Sudha to halt Diya is Krish and Bhavna. Madhu claims that I too made a mistake in getting to know her because she is a selfless young lady. Saloni claims that in saving you, she didn’t consider her own life. Sudha is pleaded with by Madhu and everyone to stop Diya. Sudha is still.


Sudha questions whether she is harming her children’s home in an effort to maintain her happiness. Stop, she says. Palki and Diya halt. They are asked by Sudha not to leave the house. She extends her arms and welcomes Diya. No one will leave because you are my bahu, she claims. Diya cheerfully walks over to hug Sudha. Diya receives her apology. Don’t apologise, advises Diya. Sudha approaches Palki and claims, “Krish can’t get a better girl than you. I grew blind in anger. I’ve always liked you. I was refusing to make you my bahu.” Krish receives a hand from her. They beam. They receive her blessing. You were right, Kanha was born to Devki, but he was raised by Yashoda, and you both adopted a child like Kanha, says Sudha as she hands Diya the idol of Kanha. She embraces Armaan and Diya. Palki, according to her, will have two relationships with the child. Palki is asked by Madhu to take their lovely photo. Palki snaps a photo of them. Everybody beams.

The show ends.

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