Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai [11th July 2022] Written Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai [11th July 2022] Written Update on

The episode begins with Akshu stating that Abhi is correct, that both parties have equal rights, that if both parties are happy, then they can celebrate, that if neither party is happy, then no one can force them to pretend falsely, and that if Manjiri does not want to do this, then no one can force him to do it. The puja plate is struck with harshness. Manjiri was going to take a hit from the coconut. Abhi notices it and then becomes enraged. Manjiri cries. I apologise for what harsh says was not an intentional action on my part. Abhi claims that it makes no difference because we are finished and that enough is enough. Aarohi believes that their drama has begun once more. Abhi leaves. Akshu goes after him. Also departing is harsh. The Manjiri apologised and said that their first Teej was ruined as a result of our actions. Suwarna says its okay. According to Manish, we will leave right now, so please be careful.

Abhi is starving, so Akshu visits him to bring food. He does not agree. Manjiri explains to her that the fast won’t be over until they eat the prasad, so she requests that he take it. She says it’s fine if you want me to pass out from the dizziness. He asks her to take it from him. She wants to know how I can do it on my own. She claims that I am extremely hungry right now. They consume the food. Played by Jitne Gham…. She claims that her mother was too exhausted to make the choice after her long journey. Abhi affirms that she is very proud of her, and I agree with her. She claims that she won’t have any trouble with it. He says I understand. She acknowledges that she will require courage to adhere to her decision. It is his word that we are with her. After topping the jalebi with some methi, he eats it. They share a hug. It is played by Sang Tere.

Goenkas come home. Aarohi asks, “Why are you so tense? There’s daily drama in that house, and I have no idea how Akshu manages it.” Suwarna says Akshu is strong. Manish claims that Abhi is with her and that he will never forgive Harsh because of it. Aarohi confirms that he has never forgiven anyone for anything. Someone harsh enters the room. He gets into an argument with Manjiri. You make me believe that you are fasting, but then you say that you don’t feel like keeping the fast, and you didn’t divorce me just to insult me, he says, but you are too smart, and you find ways to insult your husband. I thought I married a foolish woman, but you prove me wrong.

He storms off in a furious rage. Manjiri goes after him. Everyone is brought to attention by her. The place is frequented by all. Abhi asks did he say anything again. Manjiri responds by saying no, he has already told a lot, and it is now my turn. I am sorry that I called you all when you are all so tired, but this is important to say today: one moment is all that is required for a woman to regard a man as her everything, and one moment is all that is required for a woman to disregard that man. She displays the box for us. On the occasion of her new relationship, she claims that you presented me with jewellery in this box. She then reveals the divorce papers after opening the box. Everybody is taken aback. Abhi cries. Manjiri nods. She claims that the choice of a husband is the most important one a woman will make in her life. She then hands Harsh the signed documents to turn in. She told me that I am free from my obligations now. The papers are pulverised by harsh. You can make many houses, but this home belongs to my mother. She will stay here after the divorce, and you are free to go if you so choose. According to Abhi, a man’s name is on a house, but a woman is the one who makes it a home. Both Manish and Suwarna have reported that no one is picking up their calls. Everyone is concerned about Birlas. It starts to storm outside. Harsh is putting his things away.

Anand and Mahima should tell Harsh to stop, and then they can explain Abhi. Harsh is asked by Parth and Neil to deliberate carefully and make a choice. When Harsh told me that Abhi didn’t want me to stay here, I decided it was fine with me and I would leave. Both Anand and Mahima are able to stop him. Harsh claims that he is witnessing this phenomenon for the very first time and that it is unprecedented for a son to oust his father. You have sinned, Abhi tells me, but I have given you the right to decide; don’t put the blame on me. According to Harsh, this boy won’t listen. He goes outside the house. Abhi sadly goes and recalls everything that has happened. His tears fall.


In summary, Abhi experiences discomfort in his hand while he is eating. He decides to get an MRI for further examination. The pain in your hand is something that can’t be ignored in your profession, according to Rohan; a surgeon’s hand is their instrument of precision. It appears that Akshu has arrived and is searching for Abhi. Abhi is reminded of the injury he sustained during the incident with the fire.

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