Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai [12th July 2022] Written Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai [12th July 2022] Written Update on

The episode begins with Abhi remembering Manjiri and crying over the memory. Akshu looks on. Manjiri comes to him. She sobs while holding his embrace. He claims that he has known about your tolerance ever since your childhood, but you have never told him anything. He is able to comfort her. Akshu sobs after seeing them sob, and then she departs. Akshu tells me that they are extremely concerned, and considering that I also have to take care of the other people, it won’t be easy. Akshu offers a rendition of the aarti. Manjiri sobs while singing along with the song. Abhi watches what is going on and eventually joins in. Manish and Akhilesh fill Aarohi in on the guy, claiming that he works as a surgeon in London. According to Aarohi, I have no interest in getting married. Akhilesh says that you should meet him once. Dadi asks them to look into some alliance that is local to them in some way. Aarohi has stated that I do not wish to travel anywhere. Vansh says, “I saw his profile, and he is exactly the same as Abhimanyu.” Aarohi looks over the profile and utters the word impressive. The words of Abhi come back to her. She responds with, “Fine, I’ll meet him. Why are you surprised?” They all nod in agreement and smile. She has the impression that I am interested in someone other than Abhi.

Abhi says, “I’m sorry, I know some of you are upset that I asked Harsh to leave and he left, hence fair, I didn’t say wrong, my mum gave her entire life to this house, she doesn’t need to go.” Abhi is aware that some of you are upset about the fact that I asked Harsh to leave and he left. Neil believes that you are correct and that she will not go anywhere. Anand claims that Harsh is your father, that he has already been punished, that he has lost his chair and that he has also gotten divorced, that it is not right that he has left the house, that he is my brother and that he is my responsibility, and that divorces do not occur in blood relations. Akshu tells Manjiri to take a seat, stating that it will be her responsibility going forward. Manjiri receives her meal with a smile from Abhi, who offers it to her. According to Anand, we don’t have much time to improve our public image because we have a number of surgeries scheduled. Abhi says to plan my surgeries as well in the next few days, and in the meantime, I will take care of OPD. Akshu suggests that you should make plans to visit your first love very soon. Anand has requested that Mahima and Abhi review the files. He claims that we will be keeping the interns and providing them with permanent jobs. Abhi believes that it will be appropriate if you choose it. If Anand believes that Aarohi is smart and works hard, then I believe it’s because she deserves it. Abhi says yes, and I’m not going to say no because she deserves it. He is experiencing discomfort in his hand. If I were to tell Akshu, he believes she would become concerned. Akshu asks if it is okay if I tell Aarohi the news. Anand says sure. Abhi messages Rohan… Please make an appointment for a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) for me, and there is no need to inform anyone else.

Aarohi is seen rushing over to everyone. They pray for her health and ask what the source of her joy is. She tells me I got a promotion at work. They congratulate her one by one. Aarohi told me that I have been given a permanent position as a doctor at the Birla hospital, and Akshu called me and said that we will celebrate. Her tears fall. Kairav says that all of us are proud of you. They share a hug. Vansh has asked her to join him in celebrating the fact that she is the first surgeon in their family. They all engage in dance. Aarohi claims that both in her personal and professional life, she will surpass Abhi and Akshu’s abilities.

Abhi goes in for an MRI exam. Rohan inquires as to what may have transpired with regard to your hand. Akshu looks for Abhi. She claims that he is a workaholic, and that Aarohi is the same way; consequently, she does not have time for me. According to Abhi, I’m experiencing some discomfort. The pain is something we can’t ignore, it’s okay, it’s not too late, and hands are important for a surgeon, just like a voice is important for a singer and legs are important for an athlete. Akshu asks for Abhi. The ward boy claims that he headed in the direction of the MRI room. Abhi claims that it won’t be a serious issue. The words “we will see” are spoken by Rohan. Take off your watch and rings; I will just come. Abhi thinks back to the time there was a fire. Akshu asks Rohan is Abhi inside. The answer is yes, but Rohan is currently in the middle of a consultation. She requests that he administer the medication to Abhi. He thinks sorry, Sir asked me not to say anything to anyone, and he should respect that request. Abhi is seen entering the MRI room.

According to Aarohi, I have put in a lot of effort to get to this position because it is not an easy one. The guy wants to know why they didn’t choose me for this role. Aarohi responds, “I don’t know, competition is tough when I’m around,” followed by “wow, my friend has put a story,” and “how sweet.” The nurse hands her Vihaan’s file and asks her to administer the injection. She agrees. Aarohi lets go of the file. It is checked by her, and she inquires about the medication. Does the nurse ask this one? Check in with Abhi about it once. Aarohi has told me to bring you along. She goes to the boy and injects him with the substance. Akshu has come to wish her well. Aarohi says I got my due. Akshu wants to know what kind of celebration we are going to have after Abhi praised you. Aarohi’s question is very direct. Akshu claims that he always compliments someone when they are being genuine. Would you like to join me for lunch? Aarohi has declined because she has work to do. Akshu goes. Aarohi claims that she is the best, that she deserves it, and that she wants a promotion letter as soon as possible. The young man is observed to be uncomfortable. Abhi thinks back to what Rohan said. Abhi is visited by Akshu. He checks the time on his phone. She inquires as to where your rings are located. He removes the rings from his pocket and puts them on his fingers. She wants to know where your engagement ring is. He remembers that he had forgotten it in the MRI room. He believes that it happened suddenly and unexpectedly.


The conclusion is that the boy’s parents reprimand Abhi and question how he can be so careless. Aarohi is under the impression that I have administered the incorrect injection. According to Akshu, the boy’s life was put in jeopardy as a direct result of your actions.

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