Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai [14th July 2022] Written Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai [14th July 2022] Written Update on

The episode begins with Abhi sobbing because she is worried about the boy. Aarohi begs Akshu. Abhi notices that the boy is responding. According to Akshu, we are going to tell the truth to each and every person. Aarohi begs you to refrain from doing that. Abhi can’t be punished because he is so fair that he punishes himself when he makes a mistake. Akshu says that if you make a mistake, you should receive a warning, a punishment, or forgiveness. Aarohi claims that you do not have a dream or a passion, that you do not see the dream in anyone else, that you believe that you did not get anything, and that is why you are seeking revenge. The tears of Akshu. Abhi reports that everything is going well, and he appreciates your help, Matarani. Akshu drags Aarohi. Abhi comes in and says that Vihaan is doing fine, that you can go meet him, and that he has been moved to the intensive care unit. Aarohi tells Anand, “I told you, Abhi won’t let anything happen to Vivaan. Forget this. Don’t tell anyone. Nothing will happen to Abhi and Birla hospital. Anand will handle it. Just save me.” Aarohi says, “I told you, Abhi won’t let anything happen to Vivaan.” According to Anand, we need to investigate the reason for it. Abhi claims he has a drug allergy and that the wrong injection was given to him; his sister Meena can tell us who made the mistake. Aarohi’s, according to Akshu; she accidentally administered the wrong injection to the boy. Abhi says, “I can’t believe this. You got promotion in the morning because they think you are sincere in work. A little boy would have died today because of your carelessness. You didn’t come to tell the truth. You didn’t tell at mum’s time either.” We explain to our employees on the first day that we can’t be careless, and we explained it to you as well. Aarohi says yes, sorry. He claims that if you had confessed sooner, we could have helped the boy sooner, the situation would not have become nearly as complicated, and you would not have concealed the truth yet another time. Aarohi says sorry. He replies with “no,” “I’m sorry,” “you know the bear the consequences,” and “everyone come to the board room in the next five minutes.” He takes Anand and Neil with him. Aarohi begs Akshu to come to her aid and save her.
Suwarna inquires as to what Kairav and Vansh are preparing by asking them. According to Vansh, we are going to throw a party for Aarohi, and she is going to bring the letter announcing her promotion. According to Kairav, we will improve her disposition. Suwarna extends her congratulations to Dr. Aarohi. Aarohi says that she is surprised that Abhi will be blamed. Abhi asks, “Do you think of the blame? You have a small thinking; my image and career aren’t more important than a patient’s life; that boy would have died as a result of your mistake; I don’t think you can understand this; you can’t think of anyone else.” Aarohi says sorry. He says that I’m not finished yet, that we ask patients to trust their doctors, and he asks how I hid this mistake, because I broke our trust. She claims that I am genuine. He says no, you are dangerous. She says no.
He warns that being in the same room as patients can be dangerous. Anand says, “I was so sure, I recommended your name for promotion, and you shamed me.” He then asks, “Why didn’t you tell about the mistake? We could have controlled the damage, but you ran away.” Mahima claims that you attempted to hide the picture, and my sister Meena shared all of the details with me. Aarohi says sorry. She is reprimanded by Anand. Abhi says, “I will explain the meaning of the poster in the orientation room to you. A knife in the hands of a responsible doctor can save someone’s life, but a needle in the hands of a careless doctor can take someone’s life. This could have happened with any doctor in such a situation because the rules are the same for everyone.” He hands over the letter of termination. He has informed you that you will be let go with immediate effect. Neil says that in accordance with the rules, a case will be charged against you, your licence will be revoked for a year, and you won’t be able to work in any hospital for a year. Aarohi is overcome with emotion as she remembers her dream. She begs you not to proceed in this manner. A sob from Akshu, who then addresses Abhi….

Not anymore, according to Abhi. As usual, Aarohi is counting on you to lend a hand. Please don’t say anything that I won’t be able to agree with, as Abhi believes that I’m really proud of you Akshu for supporting the truth. According to Akshu, Aarohi did not make the mistake intentionally; rather, it was a genuine accident. Aarohi is of the opinion that it is, thank God. Akshu affirms that it is correct that she was careless, that she did not say it intentionally and cover it up, and that she did not carry out the action correctly. Aarohi fixes his gaze on her.
According to Akshu, the same rules will be applied to my sister, and the fact that she is my sister will not provide her with any advantages. Aarohi is asked to put her signature on the papers by Abhi. Aarohi is heard crying and making signs. Aarohi, please present your identification, apologises Abhi. The ID has been provided by Aarohi. He says that he has had the impression that you are an excellent physician and that you take pride in your work, but I guess I was wrong. Aarohi leaves. Abhi and Akshu are in her line of sight. The employees discuss Aarohi amongst themselves. Mahima tells Anand to take it easy. Anand says that I’m thinking about Harsh quite a bit. She says talk to him. He states that he is going through his own struggle. He is aware of Harsh’s message, which asks how he is doing and how things are progressing at his location. Anand is curious as to what I will say to him. Mahima says don’t say anything. He claims that the recent events are causing me a lot of stress. He speculates as to what the findings of Abhi’s hand MRI will be. Kairav and everyone talk about Aarohi’s mistake. Aarohi comes home. She claims that Akshu told you the news before I returned home; instead of being angry with me, you ought to have shown some compassion; however, I am grateful that you did show some anger. She leaves. Dadi claims that she put a lot of effort into getting to this point, but then she did something stupid. Akhilesh claims that she did something wrong. The answer provided by Manish is yes, but she made a significant error in trying to conceal her mistake. Kairav claims to be unaware of how Akshu is. Aarohi cannot believe that they are still concerned about Akshu, in Aarohi’s opinion. Even Abhi’s name, according to Suwarna, is a spoiler, so they should be concerned. Abhi and Akshu look on.


Akshara is kicked out of Arohi’s room by Arohi. The name she calls her is looser. Akshara inquires of Abhimanyu regarding the MRI report.

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