Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 14th May 2022 Written Update (YRKKH)

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 14th May 2022 Written Update on

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 14th May 2022 Written Update (YRKKH)

In today’s segment, Abhimanyu tells Akshara that she has to be careful. He terminates the call by hanging up. At the hospital, Abhimanyu comes face to face with Arohi. Abhimanyu is informed by Arohi that Harsh requested her to take into the situation involving Rumani’s kid. She requests that Abhimanyu provide her with an explanation of the crucial aspect of the case. Abhimanyu travels with Arohi. When Harsh sees them, he tells Abhimanyu and Arohi that they are both passionate about their job and have the potential to become a successful team if they can only get beyond their conflicts. Kairav is concerned about Akshara’s wellbeing. Manish urges Kairav to consider Abhimanyu, who is now attempting to save the life of another person. Kairav believes that Akshara is by alone today and he can only hope that she will not have the same difficulty in the days to come. Manish tells Kairav to calm down and tells him to quit worrying.

Akshara plays a guitar. Abhimanyu begins to develop love feelings for her. He wonders what it is about her that makes his heart beat so much faster. Both Akshara and Abhimanyu enjoy the time that they have together. It was a dream that Abhimanyu had. He conducts further examinations on the patient. Abhimanyu surprises Akshara when he gets home late at night by bringing a rose with him. When he walked into his room, he was taken aback by the decorating that was already there. Abhimanyu finds Akshara fast asleep on the sofa as she is clutching his shirt. He feels awful seeing her. After putting Akshara to bed, Abhimanyu places the rose on the side table. When he sees Akshara wearing the bracelet that he gave to her, he feels a surge of pride. Abhimanyu apologised to sleeping Akshara. After that, he moves closer to Akshara and sits next to her while feeling guilty about keeping her waiting. While she sleeps, Akshara watches for Abhimanyu to arrive. Abhimanyu snoozes on the floor while looking at Akshara the whole night.

When Akshara comes to, she discovers Abhimanyu lying next to her. Because Abhimanyu is exhausted, Akshara tells him to go to sleep. The promise that Abhimanyu made to Akshara in regard to covering the final night gap for her. Akshara is the one who puts Abhimanyu to sleep. Akshara made the conscious decision to begin her day at the Birla mansion.

Kairav prepares Akshara’s favourite dish and expresses his longing for her. Goenkas miss Akshara too. Kairav is emotional, Arohi embraces him. Akshara discovers Manjiri in the kitchen. He asks her to direct him toward the morning foods that everyone enjoys eating. Manjiri reveals to Akshara that cereal is the standard fare for everyone’s morning meal. Akshara becomes astonished. She made the decision to prepare meals for Neil. Akshara asks Manjiri what she loves to eat. When Manjiri is asked for her preference by a new person, she finds herself overcome with joy. Everyone enjoys the sweets that Akshara prepares. Harsh will not eat the sweets that she has baked. Akshara is adamant that Birla’s try some of the meal. Both Anand and Mahima decide that they will try a bite. Harsh urges Akshara to start acting like Birla’s. [Episode Ends]

Precap: Today, Manjiri wants rasams. When did you start thinking? Abhi’s plate breaks. Abhi, Harsh argue. Asakshu watches.

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