Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai [15th July 2022] Written Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai [15th July 2022] Written Update on

In today’s episode, Akshara has a nervous breakdown. Abhimanyu receives her apologies from her. Kairav call Akshara. Akshara is the one who Abhimanyu asks to take the call for him. Akshara asks Kairav about Arohi. When Kairav tells Akshara that Arohi isn’t doing well, Akshara responds by asking how she is doing herself. Kairav is informed by Akshara and Abhimanyu that everything is fine with them. Manish conveys to Abhimanyu that whatever it is that Arohi has done, it is unethical. He would have responded in the same manner in either scenario. Abhimanyu is appreciative to Manish for his support. Manish and Kairav have asked Abhimanyu to look after Akshara for them. Abhimanyu says Akshara is fine. Akshara is given the responsibility of looking after Abhimanyu by Kairav. Arohi sobs alone in her bedroom.
Akshara apologise to Abhimanyu. Abhimanyu hugs and kisses Akshara. He admires Akshara for standing up to Arohi as it makes him feel proud. Abhimanyu hugs Akshara. He then asks Akshara to go home by herself because he needs to keep an eye on Vihaan. Akshara decide to go home. She presses the issue with Abhimanyu, accusing him of lying to her about his MRI. Abhimanyu made the decision to withhold the truth from Akshara. Akshara makes Abhimanyu wear his ring. She inquires of Abhimanyu as to whether or not everything will be all right. Abhimanyu assure Akshara. He also believes that he cannot put any more pressure on Akshara because she is already under a lot of stress because of Arohi. Abhimanyu looks at his hand.

Anand bring Abhimanyu’s MRI report. Abhimanyu is tasked with reading the report after Akshara’s request. While reading the report, Abhimanyu stood dumbfounded. He assures Akshara that everything is fine, but he is lying. He gives Akshara his word that he has recently gone through an MRI for Anand’s satisfaction. Someone call Akshara. Anand inquires about how Abhimanyu was hurt to Abhimanyu. According to Abhimanyu, he suffered injuries in the fire incident. He frets over the possibility that he has suffered severe nerve damage. Anand requests that Abhimanyu put the surgical work on hold until he regains his health.
Concern for Arohi is shared by the Goenka. Akshara enquire about Arohi. The information that Arohi is doing well is relayed to Akshara by Kairav. Akshara sleep. When Abhimanyu came back, he found Akshara sleeping. It was difficult for him to stich. Abhimanyu gets emotional.

Akshara sees Abhimanyu sleeping. She keeps her hand on Abhimanyu’s injured hand as she speaks. Abhimanyu takes his hand off of it. Watching Abhimanyu’s reaction causes Akshara concern. Abhimanyu wakes up. He leans in and plants a kiss on Akshara’s forehead. Abhimanyu asks Akshara to sleep along. Because Akshara has work to do, she tells Abhimanyu to rest. Akshara is astonished to see a piece of cloth only partially stitched. She then comes to the conclusion that she will talk to Arohi.

Goenkas meet Akshara. Akshara found out that Arohi had skipped breakfast. The decision to feed Arohi was made by Akshara. Manish and Kairav are attempting to put an end to Akshara. Akshara gets adamant. Arohi is invited to eat breakfast by Akshara. Arohi blames Akshara for the failure of her professional endeavours. She suggests that Akshara is envious of her because she has no clear goals for her life. After Arohi insults her music, Akshara is left standing with tears in her eyes. [Episode Ends]

A quick recap:

Akshara has decided to pursue a career in music. Anand encourages Abhimanyu to discuss the injury to his hand with Akshara.

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