Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai [16th July 2022] Written Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai [16th July 2022] Written Update on

At the beginning of the episode, Aarohi tells her that she “ruined my career,” that “you got the food to show you are so good,” that “get lost,” and that “take the junk with you to burn your incomplete dream.” Akshu selects her belongings. Dilon ko bandha tha…plays… After forcing her out of the door, Aarohi closes it behind her. The tears of Akshu. Everyone gathers around to observe the event. Manish inquires about what Aarohi said regarding Akshu’s injury. According to Kairav, I advised her not to visit Aarohi because of her gloomy disposition. Dadi claims that Aarohi is responsible for Akshu’s constant emotional distress. Abhi witnesses Anand carrying out a surgical procedure.
Manjiri tells me that I can do anything I want to do now. When Akshu finally gets home, he starts crying. Manjiri hugs her. She is under the impression that Aarohi has been the one to cause her this great deal of pain by saying something to her. She performs for Akshu…. Jahaan saanson ne… Akshu also sings. When she thinks back to what Aarohi said, she starts to cry. Manjiri says, “I know that Aarohi has worked hard, and I have seen the hardwork that Mahima and Abhi have put in, but we may not understand what happened.” Akshu gets a call. Manjiri says that I will prepare some tea for us and then come. She leaves. The call of Abhi is answered by Akshu.

Abhi inquires as to what transpired. She is completely silent. He asserts that what Aarohi said was correct. She claims that she is my sister and that I should not feel bad about what she has said because she is upset. He infers from this that she caused you to be angry. She inquires as to whether or not you have undergone any medical procedures. He responds with “no,” “I miss you,” and “come to the hospital soon.” She expresses that she is missing you and that she plans to visit you soon. They are contemplating how to explain what has taken place.
Abhi is contacted by Rohan, who relays the message that “we need you, come quickly.” Abhi goes. Manish and Suwarna have a conversation about Aarohi. He claims that she was also harsh with Akshu. She claims that Kairav is furious with her as well. He wants to know if they are going to finish fighting or not. She claims that they both aren’t happy, so how can we keep our happiness? He advises you to have a conversation with Aarohi and to inquire about the state of her emotions. The doctor introduces Rohan to his patient Mr. Singh. The patient approaches the doctor and says, “I want you to perform my operation, the case is complicated, and I heard you make everything fine.” Rohan says relax, Abhi will do it. Abhi says that I won’t be able to complete it, and that Dr. Anand will. The man asks the woman why she won’t do it, saying that he will pay her fees and wait if she says, “Please don’t say this.” Anand has arrived and shared the news that Abhi will be attending a conference. Abhi has informed me that I will not be present for the next seven days, and he recommends that I seek assistance from Anand because he is competent. The man says, “I will wait; promise me, you will do it.” I will wait for you. Abhi then states that my hand will be back to normal in a week. Anand comes in and asks how you are doing, apologises for having to lie in front of the patient, says you have a big name and that he is so proud of it, we can’t tell anyone about your condition because it will have an impact on your career and people may lose faith in us if anything bad happens, and then says that we can’t tell anyone about your condition. Abhi assures me that I will get my life together very soon. Anand assures his son that everything will work out just fine. He gives Abhi a hug. He says that we men like to think that we are strong, that we don’t talk about many things with our partners, even though it is their right to know, that we don’t know what matters hit us, that Akshu is so understanding and supportive, that you should tell her about your hand, that this is the right time, that she will be hurt if she finds out from someone else, and that Aarohi should have told us in a timely manner that we should talk directly with one another. Akshu tells Abhi that patient would be waiting, and apologises, but I will finish this work and then come. I should tell Akshu that Abhi believes Anand is on the right track. He asks Anand to go over the documents with him and sign them. I apologise, but what I meant to say was not that Harsh was good at this work; rather, I meant that I did not like the files. Anand says that Harsh was good at it. Abhi tells me, “I know there is a lot of pressure on you, and we don’t know anything other than our profession; tell me if I can help; I feel useless.” Anand tells me not to say that, that we don’t know the exact condition of our case, don’t let your mind get stressed out, take care of yourself, and everything will be okay. He gets a message.
It is a favour that I ask you to do for me that you come here, because I have some work for you to do, and I need you to write a letter of recommendation to Harsh. He goes. Abhi says that he will talk to Akshu about it, and maybe that will help his pain. Akshu is putting on a performance for the hospital patients. A man praises her voice. He told me that he was here to make a fitness educational video, but that he had to come here to listen to your song. He said that he had no idea what music therapy was and asked whether or not I also performed on stage. She has a negative response. He asks if you didn’t have any ambition in your life. She has denied it. He thinks you have a wonderful voice and recommends that you find a large platform to perform on. She says that she is happy to be here helping people. He claims that you are capable of doing this on a much larger scale as well, adding, “I am impressed by your talent, so I am pushing you, you can do well.” He hands her a business card to remember him by. He claims that our team has come to search for the magical voice of India, that you can send the audio clip, that I have it in me, and that you were born to become a star. He goes. She claims that I am capable of doing it, but in the past I would get nervous whenever I was on stage. Aarohi is correct; I do not have any passion for what I do; however, I have decided to do this for myself, and Abhi will help me if I experience any panic attacks.

A quick recap:

Akshu tells me that he has already sent his audition clip for India’s magical voice, and he wants to know if I should go there for the second round. Akshu slices some cake. She spots Abhi there.

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