Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai [1st September 2022] Written Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata HaiĀ  1st September 2022 Written Update On

The episode start with:

Shivansh spots Akshara and sends out a signal. Abhimanyu inquires of Shivansh regarding the individual who he is trying to locate. Abhimanyu is being informed about Akshara by Shivansh, who attempts to tell him more. Abhimanyu starts playing on the flute, and Akshara puts a halt to it. It appears that Shivansh is directing his attention towards Akshara. Abhimanyu inquires of Shivansh regarding the individual who he is trying to locate. When Akshara hears the flute, it causes her to get agitated, and she questions whether or not God wants her to refrain from entering the temple. She makes her way into the shrine under cover of darkness. Abhimanyu comforts Shivansh by putting him in a cradle and providing him with a toy that says, “I Love You.” Abhimanyu is tasked by Parth and Shefali with delivering the Prasad. Abhimanyu is seen departing from the location. An incoming call is being taken by Parth and Shefali. After leaving Shivansh, they go to the location where they received the call. There has been a report of Shivansh being missing.

Abhimanyu returns, and after some time, he begins to feel restless. There has been a report of Shivansh being missing. The well-being of Shivansh is a concern for both Parth and Shefali. Abhimanyu offered prayers to God, asking him to protect Shivansh. Manish confronts a person out of the blue and inquires as to whether or not Mahima was responsible for sending him. Suhasini, Ak, Arohi, and Vansh are all comforting Manish in one way or another. The anger that Manish feels grows and grows. Suhasini requests that Manish take a deep breath and relax. Because Vansh was late to the office, Manish feels he deserves this anger from Manish. He miss Kairav. Vansh is upset. Abhimanyu relays to God the news that Shivansh has arrived to meet him, and that God must now take care of the child. Akshara is successful in her search for Shivansh. The search for Shivansh’s biological parents continues. Shefali, Parth, and Abhimnayu are on the lookout for Shivansh.

Suhasini implores Manish to take a deep breath and settle down. Kairav is overcome with anxiety and insists that he is unable to call Akshara since it will disturb her. He has some reservations about talking to Manish, but he wants to. That’s when Manish made the decision to listen to a music. RJ shares the news that one of their listeners has written a song about his father and dedicated it to the band. Manish prayed to God for a sign that his children were doing well, but God did not respond. Shefali is questioned by Parth on whether or not she is able to look after Shivansh. Shefali inquires of Parth concerning the possibility of the latter watching over Shivansh. Both are a source of comfort for one another. Maya and Kunal have a conversation with one of their admirers. Maya is asked to perform for the fan who has asked her to sing. Kunal and Maya panic.

The music that Manish enjoys listening the most is playing. He believes that it could be a message from God letting him know that Kairav and Akshara are both doing well. The reassuring words of Suhasini were offered to Manish. Because Kairav feels as though he is unable to communicate with Manish, he has written a song for him to listen to. Akshara is the one responsible for looking after Shivansh. She is perplexed by the fact that Shivansh seems to be holding her as if he is familiar with her.

The host should make a public announcement regarding the Janmashtami competition. After bringing Shivansh to the innkeeper, Akshara inquires about the whereabouts of the boy’s parents. The host asks Akshara to compete in the event alongside her child in order to win a prize. Akshara makes an effort to dissuade Shivansh from believing that she is his mother. The host does not bother to listen to Akshara and immediately begins the competition. The winners of the competition were Akshara and Shivansh. Kunal looks for Akshara. Shivansh is the child who Akshara hands over to the host after informing them that the child’s parents have been taken away and that they should search for them. After hearing the announcement, Abhimanyu immediately makes his way over to see Shivansh. He expresses gratitude to the host for looking out for Shivansh’s well-being. Abhimanyu is informed by the host that Akshara is tending to Shivansh’s needs. The one who looked after Shivansh should have their wishes granted, Abhimanyu prayed to God on Shivansh’s behalf. Akshara discovers the toy that Shivansh had been looking for.


Kunal urges Akshara to sing because Maya’s admirers are asking she do so. Abhimanyu is unable to see Akshara despite his best efforts.

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