Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai (1st July 2022) Written Episode Update[YRKKH]

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 1st July 2022 Written Episode Update on

Neil invites Abhi to watch the episode as it opens. Abhi follows him after nodding. Akshu is approaching. Abhi leaves when he notices the time. Neil claims to understand but not concur, so he walked away. In a fit of rage, Abhi enters his car and kicks the door. There, Akshu shows up. When her dress becomes caught, she pulls to a stop behind him. Opening the car door, Abhi enters. Akshu walks into the party room. Among others, she notices Neil. In search of Abhi. She departs sobbing. She falters. She is being held by Abhi. plays Tum aaye to. She beams.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai

They clench hands. To get her to cross a pit, he pulls and raises her. I promised you I wouldn’t let anything happen to your lehenga, he claims. Neil expresses his desire for Abhi and Akshu to be with us. They witness Akshu and Abhi entering the room together. Everyone grinned.


Finally, you both arrived, says Shefali. They are asked to dance on the dance floor by Parth. Akshu thanks you for visiting. The same goes with Abhi. I wanted to come, she claims. Me too, she adds. Rangasaari… They dance passionately. Lifted by him. She sobs as she recalls their argument. His cheek is wetted by her tear. He drys off her tears. Abhi is asked to arrive right away by Mr. Bijoria since there is an emergency at the hospital. While others can enjoy the party, he instructs Abhi to report to the department. We’ll talk tomorrow at the hospital, according to Abhi and Akshu. Abhi requests that Neil drop Akshu. He departs. When he sees Akshu, a man questions who he is. The music therapist at Birla Hospital, according to the waiter. Congratulations, Akshu, you both appeared to be happy, Shefali remarks. But, Neil adds, Abhi departed. As per Akshu, he had work. She smiled for the first time in a while, according to Parth; you two were meant to be. Neil claims that Abhi and I have settled things. Great, says Akshu. We’ll snap a selfie, Neil offers.


Neil explains that after taking the images, we’ll use Photoshop to add Abhi to them. We’ll meet in the am tomorrow, Akshu grins. The man says, “Ms. Therapist, I’ll see you tomorrow.” Akshu returns house. Did you come by yourself, asks Kairav, after Aarohi messaged that she was heading to the hospital. She responds, “No, Neil dumped me, party was nice, Abhi and I danced together, it was great, trust me, I’m exhausted, I’ll sleep for a while.” She leaves.


He says, “You’re always joyful, and all I want is this.” After speaking with Mr. Bijoria, Abhi schedules the procedure. He thought about Akshu. When she arrives tomorrow, he promises that everything will be resolved. I need to speak with Abhi in the morning, Akshu adds as she sets her alarm. She picks up an outfit. Akshu and Abhi have a shared imagination. She is asleep in bed. Akshu visits the hospital in the morning. Her clothing was tangled. She observes Abhi dozing off there. Os ki Boonde performs Seeing him makes her smile. She drapes the blanket over him. She gives his head a kiss.



The man has to see a psychiatrist, so Akshu urges him to go. He claims, “I need you.” She requests that he release her hand. Abhi strikes the victim. Near some gas cylinders, the man drops a lighter. Abhi reclines.

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