Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 22nd August 2022 Written Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 22nd August 2022 Written Update On

The episode start with:

Mahima reveals to Birlas and Goenkas that a search warrant has been issued against the Birlas. She recommends that they make their way to Goenkas as well. Abhimanyu exerts effort in an attempt to dissuade Mahima from visiting the Goenkas. He claims that this search warrant will make Goenkas feel degraded and disrespected. Abhimanyu defends the Goenkas and claims that they are not the type of people who would hide Kairav at home. Mahima is insistent on going to visit the Goenkas, and she would not listen to Abhimanyu’s advice. She continues by saying that Abhimanyu is unable to understand her anguish over Akshara and her family. Abhimanyu is asked by Manjiri and Harsh to grant Mahima permission to engage in whatever activity that brings Mahima pleasure. Abhimanyu stand mum. Mahima advises Abhimanyu to study Akshara since she is able to sacrifice all for her family and should serve as an example to him.

After investigating, Akshara discovers that Vansh concealed Kairav in the warehouse. She comes to the conclusion that she should let Abhimanyu know about it. Akshara is prevented from discussing Kairav with any other person by Vansh. Akshara experiences a state of bewilderment. Goenkas are paid a visit by the Inspector, who is accompanied by Birlas. Manish inquires as to whether or not they have a warrant to conduct the search. The search warrant is presented to the inspector. Please accept Abhimanyu’s apologies, Manish, on behalf of Birla. Inspector is allowed to search the home with Manish’s permission. According to Akhilesh, they are unable to break the law at any time. The revelation that Akshara made to Abhimanyu about Kairav came about as a result of her decision. Before notifying Abhimanyu about Kairav, Vansh begs Akshara to consider the matter on her own first. He continues by saying that Kairav is subjected to inhumane treatment while incarcerated. It appears that Akshara is perplexed.

Inspector conducts search for Kairav at the Goenka residence. Abhimanyu requests that Inspector behave in a courteous manner. Abhimanyu is warned by the Inspector not to interrupt or else he will also place him in custody. Abhimanyu is unable to interrupt thanks to Manjiri’s efforts. Akshara is concerned that if she does not tell Abhimanyu about Kairav, he will never be able to trust her again. She believes that she should tell him the truth. Vansh exerts his best efforts to prevent Akshara from disclosing the truth. The inspector has made up his mind to examine the stockroom. Hearing inspector makes Kairav feel frightened.

Vansh has made the decision to guard Kairav no matter what it takes. Despite her best efforts, Akshara is unable to inform Abhimanyu about Kairav. Inspector conveys to Birlas that there has been no success in locating Kairav. Kairav makes his way out of the building by climbing out the window. Abhimanyu apologised to Goenkas. Abhimanyu is urged by Akshara not to feel guilty about what has happened. Akshara bid adieu to Goenkas. Vansh decide to drop Akshara.

The well-being of Kairav is a concern for Akshara and Vansh. According to Vansh, Kairav was feeling quite ill. It is then that he makes the decision to search for Kairav. In the conversation that follows, Akshara begs Vansh to let her know if he was able to locate Kairav. Akshara will not be informed, despite Vansh’s insistence. He assures Abhimanyu that she would keep him informed. Vansh is given the reassurance by Akshara that Abhimanyu will comprehend what she is saying.

After some time has passed, Manjiri and the Birlas say prayers in preparation for Abhimanyu’s operation. Kairav has reached out to Akshara through a phone call. She had a confrontation with Kairav over how he escaped the jail. Before leaving the country, Kairav extends an invitation to Akshara to spend one final moment with him. Akshara tries to persuade Kairav to give up and submit since she believes his actions would backfire on him. Kairav unwilling to listen to Akshara. Akshara gets agree to meet Kairav. The conversation between Kairav and Akshara is overheard by Abhimanyu.


Abhimanyu is preparing himself for his operation at this point. It is only when Kunal receives Akshara’s consent that he will operate on Abhimanyu. He requests that Akshara provide Maya her voice.

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