Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 22nd June 2022 Written Episode [YRKKH]

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 22nd June 2022 [YRKKH] Written Episode : Abhi Feels Tortured By Pretence

Abhi makes light of the episode’s opening. Everybody beams. Suwarna claims you frightened us. Abhi claims that Akshu is really picking on me. They are asked to sit by Suwarna. Thanks to Abhi, Akshu He believes it is difficult for me, but I am unable to ruin their mood. Suwarna performs the aarti and provides them with candy. The swing abruptly fails. Akshu and Abhi drop to the floor. Everyone is anxious. Abhi, says Akshu… Are you okay? Abhi asks Akshu. They exchange inquiries. Suwarna chuckles. Everyone laughs with Kairav. What Abhi signs Suwarna claims that the truly terrible sight has been stopped. Abhi pulls Akshu while holding her hand. She gives him a look. Harsh phones Anand and requests information about any problems. It’s your 12th call since the morning. Anand says, “Alright, let me get to work.” Harsh ends the call and reprimands the staff. Abhi and Akshu are asked to go clean the sparkling by Parth and Shefali. Kairav claims that showering does not help it come off. Manish advises you to clear it. Suwarna claims that since Abhi arrived, things are much better.

yeh rishta kya kehlata hai 22 jun 2022 written update

Your thoughts would have been diverted if Aarohi hadn’t asked if you liked coming here. Neil affirms. She offers a gift on behalf of Suwarna and inquires about your plans to stay in the hospital. He replies, “No, I’m not sure. Abhi is upset. She queries his problem, saying that he ought to be aware of how betrayed and upset you feel. She speculates that he may be envious because he was previously alone and now finds himself having to share everything with his father. Abhi isn’t like that, he says; don’t say that.She claims that this occurs frequently and that nothing is certain. She exits, grinning. He starts to reflect. Akshu and Abhi make an effort to remove the confetti. She assists Abhi by drawing a curtain. Along with helping her, he pulls a curtain. They both appear enraged. He wonders why we torture ourselves.We will clean it gradually, “she replies. I’m talking about our fight, he replies. Are you okay? Yes, she answers. He promises that we’ll go tell the truth. Okay, do what you decide is right, she says. He claims that playing the fool is torturous for him and that, in the end, everything will return to normal and the truth will triumph over lies.The move As she observes, Aarohi considers that she needs to learn more about their relationship. Did you call me, Akshu inquires? Yes, Manjiri responds, “I’m delighted I came here; your family is wonderful; they didn’t let me know that my regard was misplaced.” According to Akshu, they respect you even more.Manjiri says, “You are so wonderful. Thank you for being understanding and encouraging. Please allow me to ask you something. You and Abhi are looking away. It’s wrong. My relationship is the cause of your distance. Manage your relationship. ” Manjiri apologises and gives her a card. If you apologise again, I’ll get angry, says Akshu, even if it’s nice. The bangle game is revealed by Manish to everyone. He is asked to explain by Akhilesh. Bangles, in Manish’s opinion, symbolise life and the presence of women in the home, including the mother, sister, wife, daughter, and bahu. He discusses every relationship. He continues, “You all couples, get ready for the game,” because bangles aren’t just a part of our culture but also of our home and way of life. Vansh claims that this is unfair. Will we play? wonders Neil. We are also single now, according to Mahima.

We will not find any other game, according to Vansh. I’m the judge, “claims Akhilesh.” Vansh will soon get married, according to Parth. In Vansh’s opinion, he is correct. Aarohi adds that Kairav agrees. Kairav stops talking. Akhilesh mentions Manish-Suwarna, Akshu and Abhi, and Parth and Shefali as the couples that Akhilesh mentions. Kairav claims that people like Manjiri and I can form teams. Vansh believes Mahima and I are a good team. Neil requests that Aarohi join his squad. No, I’m a doctor, Aarohi responds. “What am I?” Mahima enquires. Aarohi is invited to join. Everyone sits down with the bangle tray. According to Akhilesh, you must first locate bangles in your partner’s size before creating a set. The person who creates the most attractive set wins. Does Neil know this, Aarohi queries? Neil responds, “Yes, I’ll practise this with you, and when I play this game with my wife in first Saawan milni, I’ll win.” She implies that you will shortly get married. It will occur before your time, he claims. Kairav apologises to the aunt. You and Akshu are excellent, according to Manjiri. Abhi makes fun of Abhi’s behaviour. She explains that it’s a game that we are playing for the benefit of our family and that we must win. He queried why. She claims that they want us to triumph and believe that we were meant to be together. Therefore, if we fight, they will lose. So, kindly, let’s play this game rather than act like a He queries, “Not like a couple,” asking whether he can now see my competitive side.


Aksu is made to wear the bangles by Abhi. She suffers harm. Her bleeding hand is visible to Abhi.

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