Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai [23 June 2022] Written Episode [YRKKH]

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 23rd June 2022 Written Episode Update on Writtenlab.comYeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 23rd June 2022 Written Episode Update: Dadi Gets Unwell

Akhilesh warns everyone to handle the bangles and the partner’s wrist carefully at the beginning of the episode. Bole Chudiyaan is the song that he plays. Akshu and Abhi remember dancing to the same tune. Is there only one song on the bangles, asks Aarohi. It is currently popular, according to Akhilesh. I’m impressed, Vansh claims. We shall only play this song, according to Neil. Abhi examines the bracelets. Manish and Suwarna argue. Don’t bring down my spirits, he says. We shall win the tournament, she apologises. Sorry, Kairav says, this is my first time doing it. Manjiri promises to create any design you come up with. Vansh claims that your size is absent. Mahima queries, “See this.” She displays a bangle to him. I want to go first, Aarohi says. Move quickly. Okay, says Neil. Akshu tells Abhi to go quickly. You requested me to take more time, according to Abhi. She makes fun of the layout. If any other team triumphs, Aarohi threatens to hang you upside-down like a bat. Abhi doesn’t receive Akshu’s hand. She is forced to wear the bangles while Abhi clutches her hand. It’s not my bracelet size, claims Suwarna. She requests that Manish alter it. Aarohi asserts that I should go first, put an end to nonsense, and make the set. Even I, according to Neil, want to be first. Akhilesh starts the clock. Akshu suffers harm. Now he commands them to cover their hands. He requests that Manish show his hands, stand up, and clap.


When he counts to three, all the ladies will demonstrate their spouses’ labour because everyone played well, he claps. To three, he counts. The women all display their bracelets. Abhira is the top jodi, according to Akhilesh; there is no second or third place; congratulations. We all applaud. Your love is like Radha Krishna, according to Manjiri. Akshu dresses her wound before leaving. She takes off the bangles and discovers the glass piece embedded in her hand. I can take it out, she says; everything will be OK. When Abhi arrives, he sees the wound. Why didn’t you express your hurt? he inquires. You don’t comprehend me, she claims. They clash. If you do what he tells you not to do or don’t move because of what he says, you will get wounded. It’s better, she adds, than if I hurt myself. They are concealing something, Aarohi argues, and it’s time to put a curtain on this spectacle. No one called, according to Akshu. I reach you when you’re hurt, says Abhi. Akshu claims I am unable to pay your expenses. I’m your spouse, I’ll treat you for free, and I’m not a bad guy who doesn’t care about your injuries, he claims. He cares for her. She gives him a hug despite her suffering. Plays: “Dil hai ke maanta nahi” Everyone is invited to travel with Aarohi so they can play on that side. Kairav responds, “Okay, let’s go there.” Abhi is asked to let go of Akshu’s hand. They fight once more. They witness the approaching family. Cute battle between Akshu and Abhi. Manish and everybody else grin. Manish inquires as to how you were harmed.


Akshu tells lies. Suwarna claims that Aarohi lured us here to participate in a surprise game. What game, queries Manish. Leave it, says Aarohi; we’ll go get the dinner right away. We will immediately depart, Mahima says. Come, says Abhi. Suwarna claims that Dadi is exhausted and has gone to rest. I’ll check her, replies Abhi. crude jokes Akshu please come, Manjiri appreciates you for your love and respect. Suwarna bestows presents on them. Akshu and the group are invited to visit one day by Kairav. Yes, it will be enjoyable, adds Vansh. Get along, everyone, Suwarna adds; we’ll plan this later. Akhilesh arrives and calls out for Abhi, saying he has no idea what happened to his mother. Everyone except Abhi rushes to visit Dadi. What happened? asks Abhi. My head hurts a much, according to Dadi. Her blood pressure is really high, says Abhi, but she will be alright after I inject her. Dadi rejects. Dadi is asked to take it by Suwarna and Manish. It’s done, says Abhi. done?, Dadi queries. Did you consume extra salt, asks Abhi. Suwarna claims she avoids salt. I came here to rest, but Dadi said I had to give you the pearls as a gift. Suwarna claims she obtained this from Guru Ji’s ashram and intended to give it to Akshu and Abhi as a gift to ensure their continued happiness and tranquilly. According to Dadi, the first year of marriage is difficult because it’s difficult for us to comprehend one another. However, this difficulty understanding one another shouldn’t lead to conflict in the heart, therefore our hearts must remain calm. Manjiri asserts that she is correct; relationships are frequently neglected until it is too late to fix them. We should maintain good relationships. Seeing Akshu, Abhi.



Running to Abhi, Akshu reveals that Dadi is now a patient there. Abhi queries whether she is aware of our situation. Upon turning, he notices Dadi hearing them.

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