Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai (25 June 2022) Written Episode [YRKKH]

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Abhi says, “Dadi is asleep. I made nurse sit with her. You can have a coffee break,” at the beginning of the episode. According to Akshu, I didn’t salt your coffee. He advises, “Listen to me, don’t drink too much coffee or you won’t sleep.” You’ll be acidic, she claims. They attempt to switch the cups. As he watches them play, Rohan makes jokes. Really, says Abhi. Rhian leaves. Akshu and Abhi are drinking coffee. They rush to look after hearing a boy screaming. Mahima examines the child. She inquires, “What issue do you have? Let me carefully investigate.” The woman, who sang and comforted the boy the previous time, asks Akshu to assist them. Mahima will treat him, claims Akshu. Mahima snaps at the woman. Akshu claims that while his body need your care, his mind is in need of music therapy since it is calming. Boy is cared by by Mahima. Holding hands is Abhi and Akshu. Akshu performs the song “Ek Pyaar Ka Nagma” Aarohi arrives and observes.YRKKH written update

Boy loses his temper. From outside, a senior man observes Akshu. Mahima and Anand go away. The lady gives Akshu a bow. The young boy falls asleep. Brutal awakens. He requests water from Manjiri. He remembers Anand’s remarks. As usual, Abhi comments “well done.” I concur, good work, the man says. Mr. Bijoliya, one of the board members, is who Abhi claims to be. The man commends Akshu and Abhi. He claims that Abhi is already our star and that his wife is also our star. He claims that the management needs someone with Abhi’s vision to fill Harsh’s job. Abhi is invited by Akshu. Anand and Mahima are present. Mahima warns that if we don’t take action soon, we won’t have a place to call home. To awaken Manjiri, Harsh arrives. He requests water and his medications. I’ll ask staff to get water, she says, adding that the medication is in the left side of your drawer. She makes a staff call. She tells Harsh to take his medication and go to bed. He departs. Patient has a BP go up, according to the nurse. Abhi verifies Dadi. Will she recover, wonders Akshu. Don’t panic, he advises you to relax. She embraces him. Plays: kuch na kaho She snoozes while perched on his shoulder. Abhi snoozes as well. Dadi wakes up in the morning and notices them. Manish and everyone else who sees them smile as well. Akhilesh thinks they’re adorable. And tired, too, Manish claims. Akhilesh takes a photo of them. It starts to ring. Akshu and Abhi become awake. Good morning, Manish. How are you, Dadi? asks Akshu. Okay, says Dadi. Why didn’t you wake us up? asks Abhi. You two were sleeping like babies, Dadi says; Abhi, you may send me home right now. She is told by Abhi to look after herself. Everyone cautions her to use caution. Dadi agrees; simply drive me home. When will she be returning home, Aarohi queries Akshu. I’ll send the nurse, replies Abhi. Akshu says I’ll use the restroom then return. Akhilesh is asked by Manish to inform the staff to go eat breakfast. Aarohi believes that if I inform Kairav, he will become agitated and question them. Abhi remembers Akshu’s moments. Will she accompany me home, he asks. Akshu visits him in his cabin. She advises that I speak with him and resolve the issue. Aarohi and Kairav are watching. They were acting joyful in Saawan milni, she adds, and you think Akshu will tell anyone that something happened? Something is different, I’m not incorrect this time, that’s my concern. Akshu requests that the nurse give Abhi the coffee. She leaves. You do believe that now, Aarohi says, correct?


Akshu is seen by Kairav. I’m concerned for Dadi, she claims. She is OK, he claims. She claims that I’m worried that she might become ill once more. He claims you are keeping something from us. Everyone is waiting, she says, so come. Tell me what transpired between you and Abhi when he asks. I hope you would return home, says Abhi, not to give you the coffee. Since you stayed angry at Saawan milni and Kairav claims that you returned home crying after eating the chutney, won’t you just tell me what transpired? There are none, according to her. She sobs. I know Abhi is irritable, so why are you crying? What happened, did he say anything, did he blame you for anything? No, she replies, everything is good. What did you do with my sister? Kairav asks Abhi. She looks back and notices Abhi. Holding his collar, Kairav.



Why is Akshu crying? Kairav begs Abhi to respond. Akshu says, “Don’t tell me what to do or what not to do; I can make my own decisions.”

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