Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai [25th August 2022] Written Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 25th August 2022 Written Update On

The episode start with:

Akshara performs a song while wearing a black sweatshirt that Abhimanyu had given to her. When she looks down at her bracelet, she is immediately brought back to her final moments with Abhimanyu. The recording of Akshara’s voice was done by Kunal, together with the musician.

One Year Leap; the island nation of Mauritius

In her letter to Abhimanyu, Akshara expresses her gratitude. She came clean and admitted that she thinks about him every day. In her letter, Akshara reveals that her father had always hoped that she would have a successful career as a singer. She jots down in her journal that she will one day become a famous singer, but there is a catch. In her letter, Akshara admits that it has been a year since they last spoke and that she is still unable to fully function without her heart because she gave it to him. In her letter, Akshara reveals how much she pines for him and describes her longing for him. She sobs and yells out that she’s not okay. After finally losing her composure, Akshara cries out Abhimanyu’s name.

It is noticed that Abhimanyu is competing in an iron man power challenge. The host inquires as to what distinguishes him from the other finalists. Since Abhimanyu is a surgeon, he believes that a patient’s determination to recover after an operation is just as important as the skills of the attending physician. He goes on to say that the heart is where willpower is cultivated, and when someone’s memories are stored there, that person is guaranteed to succeed. An axe was used by Abhimanyu to chop the wood. He is reminded of the treachery that Akshara committed. After his operation, Abhimanyu is patiently waiting for Akshara to arrive. The footage of Akshara and Kairav being together is played for Abhimanyu by someone. The fact that Akshara prioritised her family over Abhimanyu’s affection is something that Abhimanyu misunderstands. Back in the real world, Abhimanyu loses his temper and starts hacking away at the wood. The first round goes to him successfully.

Maya does her best to mimic the performance. When she has to perform in front of a large audience, she has intense anxiety. Maya’s confidence is increased as a result of Akshara. Maya claims that lip synching is quite challenging for her. Her aspiration is to achieve world-wide renown. Maya is surprised when Kunal arrives and tells her that all of her requests have been granted. Maya is the recipient of his ice cream. Maya explains that she is unable to give Akshara ice cream since she is obligated to sing for her. Akshara stand upset. She is thinking about the state in which Kunal was. Maya continues by saying that she is relieved to no longer be concerned about her singing and that she is free to consume as much ice cream as she like. She extends an invitation to Akshara to join her for a cup of coffee.

It appears that Abhimanyu is dragging a jeep behind him using a rope. He prepares himself by putting on his headphones. The host claims that he and the rest of the guests have no idea what tune Abhimanyu is listening to on his headphones that is causing him to charge. The headphones are knocked off of their perch. The host discovered that there was only noise there all along. Abhimanyu implores the host not to make an attempt to crack his code. He is intent on hauling the vehicle with all of his strength.

Maya reveals that her music is going to be broadcast all over the world. The wish song that Akshara sings does not get through to Abhimanyu. Abhimanyu remembers that Neil gave him advice to locate Kairav so that they could learn more about Akshara. According to Abhimanyu, Akshara did not leave any hints because she does not want him to find her and she does not want him to find her. It appears like he is becoming more outgoing. In another part of the story, Kunal and Maya are perplexed as to why her song is being played at the Ironman Power Challenge. Akshara is pacing nervously about the room.


Maya brings up the fact that her singing competition would be held in Jaipur this time around in the recap. Kunal and Akshara stands astonished. Abhimanyu was questioned about Akshara after he came out on top in the competition. The reporter is assaulted after he had a fit of rage.

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