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As the episode opens, Kairav is berating Abhi. Everyone reprimands Akshu, what should I answer them? You’ve always accused her of being the problem; focus on me instead, he adds. Concerned, Akshu tries to stop Kairav. They are not idiots, according to Abhi; we can comprehend everything and see the outcome. Holding his collar, Kairav invites him to speak with him. He adds, “I don’t care. You didn’t make her happy, and her grin wasn’t genuine.” He is asked to leave by Abhi. Kairav responds, “No, I want to know why she is worried and crying. Akshu begs for his departure. Kairav is stopped by Manish and everyone else. Manish queries what transpired with Abhi. Kairav responds, “I don’t know. Akshu is angry and sobbing because of Abhi, but she doesn’t tell her the situation. She didn’t travel to Maayka to visit us; she stayed in Sasural, where she is constantly held accountable. Enough, says Abhi. Akshu claims that since the situation involves me, my husband, and Sasural, you have no right or obligation to speak up.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai

I promised you we would tell them, Abhi claims, but you didn’t listen, so the family isn’t suffering now. Kairav claims, “I’m enraged,” blaming Akshu once more. He invites Akshu to accompany him. Fine, as you did previously, replies Abhi. Inviting Akshu, Kairav calls. Kairav is called by Manish. Akshu yells, “Enough! Stop telling me what to do and don’t. I’m not a kid. I will decide if I want to be here or not. Kairav has the right to take me. Abhi has the right to stop me. But I will decide. It’s my right on my life. Stop making decisions for me.” She requests that they only ask her if she wants their advise and not attempt to alter her course in any way. She sobs and leaves. Abhi and Kairav go away. Someone is performing in front of the hospital, she observes. Heer to badi sad hai is being sung by the guy.


Manjiri queries what you’re saying. Kairav allegedly gripped Abhi’s collar as they were arguing in the hospital, according to Mahima. How could he, says Harsh. On Abhi, Kairav becomes enraged. He is urged to behave himself by Manish. Suwarna advises not to feel terrible because Abhi is a good person. Perhaps they are both at blame, Akhilesh speculates. They have no match, according to harsh, and such unions are difficult. Manjiri claims that I was to blame for this altercation. Suwarna claims that they both want the best for Manjiri.


Since so much has happened with Abhi, Manish encourages Kairav to consider him. You always forgive him, according to Kairav, thus he doesn’t regard Akshu. It’s not like that, according to Akshu. Harsh claims Akshu never treated my kid well and that Abhi has an opinion on his marriage but not on the lives of his parents. Abhi arrives and combines a lot of misconceptions. It’s nothing like you two are together, say Akshu and Abhi. You won’t understand my marriage, according to Abhi, just as you couldn’t understand yours. He receives stern looks. Every husband and wife have troubles, adds Akshu, thus we need time to resolve them. If Abhi asks if you’re prepared to talk about my wedding, Akshu and I will handle it. I know you love me, Akshu continues, so it’s better if we figure everything out together. You don’t need to get involved in my situation, according to Abhi. We shall manage it as man and wife, according to Akshu and Abhi.


Manish claims Akshu claimed they will resolve the issue. Suwarna suggests that we elders speak once. She dials Birlas. When Mahima responds, she queries whether anything occurred between Abhi and Akshu. Suwarna claims they promised to fix it. They are adults, Mahima says; don’t worry; they will handle their relationship. Kairav becomes irate. According to Akhilesh, Dadi might hear this and become ill. Dadi appears concerned. Akshu writes to Abhi. He answers her. They converse and quarrel.


The phone’s battery dies on Akshu. She claims that Abhi will believe that I have turned off the phone. After becoming enraged, Abhi texts her. Manjiri cooks the halwa while sobbing. She claims that while mothers do a lot for their children’s pleasure, I have now become the cause of their misery and perhaps Abhi won’t touch this. No, Neil advises, you are not to blame. She claims that they are in love, so how should I respond so as not to damage their relationship?


I know you’re anxious, Dadi adds, but don’t worry; my blood pressure won’t spike because I’ve experienced many ups and downs in life. In the hospital is Abhi. He bumps into Aarohi and apologises. Why? You got harmed, you’re not doing well, take care, she enquires. She believes that when one is injured, one can appreciate the pain of others. You have seriously harmed me. She leaves. Akshu is urged by Dadi to consider her options carefully before making a decision; there is no need to separate or give in to pressure from others.



Mahima announces that the music therapy department is starting up once more. Akshu says I’ll do it. To the music department, Abhi dashes. He strays. His hand is in Akshu’s. Both of them collapse. Jaaniye…plays…

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