Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai [27th August 2022] Written Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 27th August 2022 Written Update On

The episode start with:

Akshara accidentally knocks into someone, which results in her passport falling to the ground. She distinctly remembers Kunal explaining to Akshara that because she was unable to bring her original passport with her, he had arranged for someone to produce a copy of her passport for her. Akshara comes up with the idea of producing an additional passport without even informing Kunal of her plans. After cleaning himself up, Abhimanyu decides to pay a visit to a nearby village. He provides medical care for the residents of such remote villages. After Kairav was seen last in the house, Akshara became anxious as she searched for him and became increasingly concerned. The only company Kairav has is himself as he navigates the streets of Mauritius.

The patient being cared for by Abhimanyu is a little child. A parent of the baby refers to Abhimanyu as a magician. Abhimanyu suppress his pain. Manjiri call Abhimanyu. Abhimanyu inquires of Manjiri regarding the manner in which she is able to remember each and every time post he activates his cell device. According to Manjiri, a mother is the only person who completely understands her own child. She extended an invitation to Abhimanyu to attend Nishtha’s birthday celebration. Abhimanyu has stated that he will make every effort to be present for Nishtha’s birthday celebration. Manjiri inquires for Abhimanyu’s well-being by inquiring as to if he is okay. Abhimanyu says he is good. Abhimanyu is confronted by Manjiri who demands that he stop lying to her. After hanging up the phone, Abhimanyu says he can only lie to himself and continues to talk.

Kairav endures agoraphobia. He is under the impression that the people in the crowd are holding him responsible for Anisha’s passing. Akshara comes for Kairav’s rescues. She offers words of consolation to him. There are those in the world that poke fun of Kairav. Akshara scolds the crowd for laughing at someone else’s helplessness and gives them a piece of her mind. She goes on to say that time is not constant for anyone, and that people should respect the time of others as well. Akshara agrees to accompany Kairav and takes him with her. She is afraid that Abhimanyu will misunderstand her as prioritising her family over him, but the reality is that as Kunal’s condition deteriorated, she felt powerless and so she brought Kairav along with her.

Neil calls Abhimanyu. He tells him that Nishtha is also looking for him and implores him to go back to his house. Abhimanyu claims that he does not enjoy being at the residence since it causes him to think of the times he spent with Akshara. Neil is informed by him that he is already familiar with the explanation. Abhimanyu launches his mobile phone into the air.

Akshara confronts Kairav with the question of why he left the house without taking her with him. According to Kairav, he experienced a nightmare last night. Kairav needs some consolation, so Akshara gives him some medicine while she does so. Kairav’s speedy recuperation is on her mind at this moment. To Akshara’s surprise, Kairav was successful in persuading her to return to India. Concerned about her brother, Akshara looks out for Kairav. Kairav gave Akshara his word that he would look after himself, and Akshara believed him.

Abhimanyu visits the market and notices that there are fenugreek seeds for sale there. When he thinks about Akshara, he feels anger rising up inside of him. Maya has a nervous breakdown because she believes she will never achieve her dream of being a great singer because Akshara has refused to accompany her back to India. Kunal tries to console Maya. Maya is instructed by Akshara to maintain a cheerful disposition since Akshara intends to perform a song for her. She informs Maya and Kunal that she is prepared to return to Jaipur at this time. Nishtha is the one that Birlas has asked to slice the cake. Nishtha is currently occupying her time by waiting for Abhimanyu. Abhimanyu surprises Birlas.


Manjiri confides in Abhimanyu that she detests Akshara, as the previous sentence states. As she prepares to depart for Jaipur, Akshara makes her final preparations. Abhimanyu, too, has it in his sights to make Jaipur his next stop after this one.

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