Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai (28 June 2022) Written Episode [YRKKH]

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai (28 June 2022) Written Episode [YRKKH] on

The first line of the episode is Dadi telling Akshu to get to know Abhi because you have to work out your relationship’s kinks on your own; no one else can help. Watching are Manish, Suwarna, and Kairav. Manish claims his mother supplied sound counsel. Suwarna asserts that Akshu should make the choice. Can’t we express an opinion, Kairav queries. He is asked by Manish not to impose his viewpoint on her. Abhi overhears Rohan and Akshu conversing. He becomes irate. He requests Rohan to turn it off. Rohan turns it off. Abhi reprimands Rohan. He advises me to meet him outdoors and see what happens if I don’t leave him. Why does he appear so afraid, asks Akshu. Rohan sobs. Since she is my wife and doesn’t talk to me, Abhi questions why you are crying and requests that you explain what occurred. Abhi receives the phone from Rohan. He claims that I have problems because you two chat and then send my phone. Rohan called me, according to Akshu, since that youngster had asked for me. Abhi claims I was ignorant. She advises that you research a situation before acting because what you see is not always accurate. Abhi claims that I am unable to discern the reality. With his reminders for his duties, Rohan asks for his phone when he arrives. Abhi hands up the phone. He leaves.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai

What? asks Harsh. When Akshu sang, the boy reacted, and Mr. Bijoria was so moved that he declared his desire to start a music department when Mahima questioned what was so surprising. I disagree, according to Anand. She claims that we are powerless to stop them and that the only thing we can do is control the harm. I have considered this. She beams when she sees Abhi. The kachoris are made by Akshu. Suwarna shows up. She is told to finish this task by Akshu. She goes to give Dadi juice. Mahima returns house. Mahima is seen. Abhi examines the child. He discusses Akshu with the young boy. Boy cracks jokes. Why do you argue, and if you do, why don’t you make up? he queries. It’s not occurring, claims Abhi. To travel to Akshu and recite Ilu Ilu, the boy requests of him. I wish it was so easy, says Abhi. Boy claims that it isn’t as difficult as a math problem. He is told to rest by Abhi. He can remember everything. Akshu questions whether Abhi sent Mahima. She is asked to sit by Mahima. She claimed that our families were one, therefore I shall speak openly. Sure, it will be better, replies Kairav. Mahima says that the Birla hospital’s music therapy department is reopening. She invites you to join us, saying that she has extended the first offer to you. Let’s put the past behind us and go on; after all, you are a Birla as well. Akshu responds, “No, I can’t take your offer; I already have a job.” You are comparing the nonprofit hospital with Birla Hospital, Mahima argues. Quit your job. No, replies Akshu. I am a Birla and I have learned professionalism from you. A patient is a patient, regardless of the hospital. Mahima advises you to consider your options because the family and hospital need you. You must fulfil this need and then determine what to do. She goes.


They came when they needed her, thus Akshu made the right decision by declining the offer, explains Kairav. Manish claims that no one should be interpreted incorrectly. She is selfish, claims Kairav. Saving one’s business is not selfish, according to Akhilesh. Suwarna speculates that perhaps Abhi sent her. Their hospital is allegedly being disparaged, but Kairav responds that it’s not true because of his enormous ego. Akshu remembers Dadi’s remarks. Abhi notices the music department’s flag. He remembers what Harsh said. He sprints to look. He strays. His hand is in Akshu’s. Jaaniye….plays…. Both of them stumble and fall to the ground. Their eyes are locked. Abhi takes her while holding her hand. He takes down the music department board. He visits Mahima and Anand. Did you offer Akshu a job at the Birla hospital?, he queries. Why don’t you know it, Anand says. I believe you prefer to constantly question us, Mahima says. Abhi disputes. I recall how you disparaged my Akshu’s goals, skill, and talents; Harsh now views her as a useless singer; this is the result of Mr. Bijoria; what threat did he make to you that you called Akshu, the man claims. You are now going too far, Mahima adds, Akshu is also a Birla, she can help the hospital, we are her seniors, we can advise her well, what’s the issue? Abhi claims that using her is selfish and not fair. Anand claims that it has happened before; last year, we fired two junior doctors and then called them back when new wings were opened. How did you persuade Akshu, asks Abhi. According to Akshu, Mahima approached me and I accepted her offer.




Abhi and Akshu are invited to the party by Mr. Bijoria. He hands them the credentials. Abhi and Akshu consider exchanging questions on whether they want to attend the party or not.

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