Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 2nd July 2022 Written Update (YRKKH)

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 2nd July 2022 Written Update (YRKKH) on

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 2nd July 2022 Written Update (YRKKH)

Akshu kissing Abhi signals the beginning of the episode. She captures him in a photo. I’m Teri Ore Dil. Plays Maan Jaana Akshu believes the hospital has centralised air conditioning, but Abhi is the reason it is so hot here. I appreciate Kanha giving me this hot potato; when he wakes up, I will tell him how amazing he is. She notices a girl grinning while gazing at Abhi. She snaps at her and tells her to leave. The girl pays no attention. Akshu asks her to go after showing her the mangalsutra. The girl departs. Akshu reclines while blocking out unpleasant vision. When Rohan arrives, he invites her. I think he is nuts when he states that your patient has come in for an emergency. Don’t mention that, advises Akshu. He apologises and says, “I’ll tell Gabbar Singh when he wakes up.” She leaves. When Abhi awakens, he adds, “I slept for a long time; Akshu might not have come here. I’ll go get dressed.” Sanjay is the person she encounters. Giving the file is he. What’s bothering you, she enquires?

He claims that because my girlfriend left me, I’m lonely and that someone should be there because a buddy had shown him the hospital’s location, you are indeed right. You don’t need my assistance, she adds; you should see a psychiatrist. You are very gorgeous, he says. She is in his hand. Leave my hand and go, says Akshu. When Abhi arrives, he beats the man. He requests that Akshu contact security. Guards are called by Akshu. He requests that the guards remove the man. When did you last see that man, he inquires. Speaking with Akshu. We’ll meet up near the reading nook, she says. He tells me to change and come; you really look lovely. He questions why it hurts when there is affection when he says, “I feel happy seeing you.” She questions why there is such a gap. He claims that I can’t take much more. He believes you won’t ever leave me. She promises that our relationship will be based solely on love.

A few injured men visit the hospital. It’s an accident case, the man claims. Sanjay, the male, also walks in. Manjiri and Akshu converse. As Abhi gets ready, he arrives. He runs into Rohan. He makes Rohan laugh. I believe Gabbar took Basanti, says Rohan. Sanjay removes a tool from the tray of medical supplies. He leaves. Akshu welcomes Abhi. Jaaniye….plays…. Her attacker is Sanjay. Moving her away is Abhi. Akshu is directed to the lobby by Abhi. He pursues Sanjay on foot. Sanjay runs off. For him, Abhi searches. Indicating the gas cylinder knob is Sanjay. He sets the lighter on fire. Do anything with me, come out, don’t do this, I guarantee no one will tell you anything, come with me, says Abhi. There are kids, patients, workers, and physicians there. Sanjay throws the lighter when the gas spills. Sanjay and Abhi flee by jumping. There, Akshu shows up. Cylinder explodes. Everyone is anxious.

According to Rohan, a blast happened in the north wing. Anand requests that he dial the fire department. Everyone rushes to look. When Abhi awakens, he notices the fire. There, Akshu is also imprisoned. She yells Abhi’s name. Thank God Akshu isn’t here, says Abhi, but what about the patients and medical professionals on this wing. Outside, he notices the crowd. Akshu wishes for everyone’s safety. The stranded folks scream for assistance. I have to go inside, Anand says. Help is also sought from Neil and Aarohi. Anand advises turning off the gas supply and the mains immediately. Kneeling, Abhi exits. He takes the people after saving them. Another person that Akshu aids is. Abhi comes to a stop and turns. He misses seeing Akshu. Aarohi is moved away from the fire by Neil. Ask the ward guys to simply make the patient’s beds in the opposite wing, according to Anand. He requests that they bring the bedridden patient. They witness Abhi pushing the bed to get that patient. Abhi teeters. Are you okay?, Anand queries. I’m OK, smoke, says Abhi. Is everything inside, Anand queries. No, everyone is coming, where is Akshu, asks Abhi. As per Ward Boy, she was with you. According to Abhi, I told her not to pursue me. I’m hoping she’s safe, Anand says.


Looking for Akshu, Abhi The jewellery is his. He goes to save Akshu after spotting her. Both of them collapse.

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