Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai [2nd September 2022] Written Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 2nd September 2022 Written Update On

The episode start with:

Akshara is overjoyed when she sees Shivansh’s teddy bear that says, “I Love You.” She has the sensation that she is connected. Akshara is cautioned by Kunal not to travel to any unknown locations by herself. Akshara inquires of Kunal as to whether or not he was concerned that she had evaded capture. Akshara stated that she owed Kunal something because he was the one who performed the operation on Abhimanyu. She gives Kunal her word that she will never leave the stage industry without having at least one performance under her belt. Kunal requests that Akshara perform, despite the fact that the audience want to hear Maya. Akshara steadfastly declines to perform her singing at the temple. Kunal has stated that they are unable to disappoint their supporters. It is his opinion that they are unable to move. Kunal is told by Akshara that it is for the best that he is getting what he deserves (his own medication). She continues by saying that she is relieved that he is aware of how suffocating it can be to be trapped when one is powerless, and that she is pleased for that. Kunal insists Akshara to sing. Akshara warms up her voice in preparation for the performance.

The singer Akshara is going to begin. Abhimanyu bows his head to pray, but he does not notice or respond to Akshara’s presence. Akshara sings for Maya ‘o kanha’ song. Abhimanyu is given a music note by Akshara’s bracelet after it became entangled in Shivansh’s garment. He reads the note and has a sense of belonging as a result. In her memory, Akshara revisits the time she shared with Shivansh. She has a strong inclination that she is connected to Shivansh. Akshara travels back to the motel where she was staying. Chocolate provides Kairav with a welcome distraction, so he regularly munches on it. The moment Akshara notices the teddy bear, she experiences a sense of belonging. It is Kairav who receives her call. Kairav inquires for Akshara’s well-being by inquiring whether or not she is okay. Akshara maintains that she is healthy, at least up until the point where she can no longer recall her previous experiences. It was Kairav’s recommendation to Akshara that she pay Abhimanyu a visit at least once if it was at all possible. Akshara was reminded of the clause in the contract with Kunal that stated she was forbidden from meeting Abhimanyu before the ceremony. Returning to the actual world, Akshara has a conversation with Kairav in which she expresses her remorse about bringing him along. Kairav would want to express his gratitude to Akshara for assisting him during a difficult period.

When Abhimanyu notices the musical note, he inquires of Shivansh as to where he obtained it. He tells him that seeing the note is making him feel odd, and that he is sharing this information with him. When Abhimanyu thinks back to the time he spent with Akshara, he smiles. Abhimanyu approaches Shivansh with a request for assistance and asks him to determine whether or not the note was written by Akshara or by another else. Shefali prevents Shivansh from telling Abhimanyu about Akshara while he is in the middle of telling him about her. Shefali had requested that Abhimanyu carry out the surgery on her superior as quickly as possible. Shefali is provided with reassurance by Abhimanyu.

Akshara pays a visit to Udaipur in the hopes of catching a glimpse of Abhimanyu there. She went to the Birla residence to think back on the times she had spent with Abhimanyu. When she sees Manjiri, she immediately goes into hiding. When Akshara inquires about Abhimanyu, she is informed that he is not in Udaipur. Akshara scolds God for separating her from Abhimanyu and expresses her frustration with him in prayer. She prays to God, pleading with him to bring her back together with Abhimanyu. The once pessimistic Akshara begins to feel optimistic once more. When Abhimanyu met Shefali’s supervisor, he was impressed. Abhimanyu is extended an invitation to attend a music event and conference in Mauritius by Shefali’s supervisor. The manager of Shefali’s workplace is informed by Abhimanyu that he is averse to music. The occasion is very important to Shefali’s boss, therefore he is adamant that Abhimanyu attend. He suggests that Maya is the victor in this competition. Abhimanyu informs the individual in charge of Shefali’s workplace that he will make every effort to show up for the event.


Abhimanyu finds out that Ak was driving the car so quickly that he splattered mud on Manjiri. This leads to the conclusion of the previous sentence. Kunal requests that Akshara get back to him as quickly as possible because the press conference has been rescheduled. Abhimanyu decide to go to back Udaipur.

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