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Thanks Akshara, I feel light, I want to do this, but I’m not sure what they want me to do. Mr. Bijoria invited us, therefore we should all go, Parth says at the beginning of the episode. We will, Neil says. Abhi and Akshu are invited to the celebration by Parth. The call for Abhi’s duty comes. He departs. The audio message is heard by Harsh. The man said that they are discussing forcing Parth to sit in the chair. Harsh believes that I anticipated Mahima would do this; I knew she was intelligent, but I didn’t realize how opportunistic she was. Parth has been put in my position, but this won’t happen. Call is made to Abhi. Rohan requests approval to leave early. He inquires as to your absence from the party; Mr. Bijoria invited me; you are welcome and I’ll see you there; I’m annoyed with you. Wow Rohan, you get irritated too, and you want me to persuade you, adds Abhi. He laments his lot. Akshu gets down to work. She asks if I should finish the papers before attending the party.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai

Upon noticing the tag, Abhi muses. What are these clothing, Shefali queries. I was supposed to be sleeping, according to Abhi. Will you not join the party, Parth asks. I shall see, promises Abhi. We will take you along, she says, but look at yourself—you aren’t ready.


Parth invites Abhi to get dressed and come. Don’t refuse; follow my instructions when he says we shall wait outside. They leave. Abhi ponders. Manjiri observes. Akshu receives an audio message from Dadi. She claims that being silent damages relationships and that she has provided party clothing, so follow your conscience. Abhi’s clothing are steam ironed by Manjiri. He is asked to go get ready by her. She is asked by Abhi not to handle his shoes. He accuses you of fighting with the girl who loves you so much while you were teaching me gyaan, which caused my relationship to fall apart. Go fight her or ask her to fight you; just don’t let silence get in the way of your relationship. Also, fix your hair. She leaves. Abhi prepares.


The gathering is fun for all. Women view Abhi. Who is he, the girl asks, not turning to look at us. World’s luckiest husband, according to Abhi Mr. Bijoria approaches Abhi and inquires about Abhi’s wife. She would be just arriving, claims Neil. Akshu should attend the celebration, according to Parth and Neil. Neil writes to Manjiri. Akshu soothes a young boy by singing a lullaby.


Manjiri joins in on the song. Akshu beams. Manjiri tells the woman, “Go and get ready, I got your clothing. I’m not a therapist like you, but I’m a mum, and I can also sing a lullaby and calm him.” Akshu hugs her and goes. Abhi sits by himself. He declines beverages and requests water instead. What? the man queries. Abhi requests soda. The man queries, with soda? Angered, Abhi reprimands the man. What should I do? Should I even have soda? If you want to do this with soda, then why do you keep soda, it adds flavor to every drink, what’s its value? He claims that my wife couldn’t come because she might be helpless. I want to have soda with something else, but I can’t have it because it will cause indigestion. So what shall I do? The man responds, “I get it; I understand.” Give me soda, only soda, cries Abhi. He takes a soda. He can see time. When Rohan enters, he says Abhimanyu. Mr., you… No, I’m his twin brother, says Abhi. Very amusing, Rohan responds, you appear to have been starched. He is asked to leave by Abhi. I have to tell you something, Rohan says. Send a voice message, but don’t utter it, says Abhi. Okay, voice note ready, says Rohan. He says, “I ask that you please make amends with Akshu; the staff is hurt; we are not your family, but you both are like our family; I don’t have a GF; when I see you two, I also feel to fall in love; I don’t like when you both fight; fight with us; scold us; don’t fight with her; thank you; I love you.” He transmits the sounds. I mailed it; did you receive it, he says. Abhinav nods. Rohan consumes alcohol. Shefali, Parth, and Neil observe Abhi standing by himself. Akshu departs the medical facility. Aarohi shows up. When Abhi sees her, he wonders if Akshu brought Aarohi.


Neil wonders if Akshu arrived. No idea, says Aarohi. Abhi asks why Akshu didn’t show up. Abhi is asked by Neil not to leave. Don’t be stubborn, Abhi warns; I’m leaving and angry that you are speaking to me today. Neil springs up onto his back and challenges him, “How far will you flee from Akshu?” I won’t wait, says Abhi. Neil is knocked out. Sorry, did you get hurt, says Abhi. Neil apologizes deeply. He embraces Abhi.


So the fight is over, Neil says. When did we fight, asks Abhi. Right, Neil says, “We’ve been fighting and making up like this since we were kids. Stop fighting with Akshu too, and have some patience.” Akshu is approaching.



Akshu and Abhi dance at the gathering. For a hospital emergency, Abhi is contacted. He departs. A person asks who Akshu is after noticing her. The other individual claims to be a music therapist employed by Birla Hospital.

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