Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai [3rd August 2022] Written Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai [3rd August 2022] Written Update on

In today’s episode, Abhimanyu confronts Akshara about her intentions to visit the Dargah. Abhimanyu learns from Akshara about the encounter she had with Kunal. She claims that after finding out that Kunal is their only remaining hope, she went looking for him. As a result of Akshara’s attempt to speak with Kunal without first obtaining their permission, Mahima becomes enraged with her. She becomes enraged at Akshara because she is trying to give the impression that no one else cares about Abhimanyu but her. Even Kairav is concerned about Akshara’s decision to visit Dargah without informing anyone else. Akshara claims that she was faithful, but because she was uncertain about their relationship, she did not tell anyone. She makes the decision to travel back to Dargah in order to continue her search for Kunal. Abhimanyu stops Akshara. He tells her that he respects her faith and prayer, but that he does not want her to worry about finding Kunal because he does not interact with anyone else. Akshara is informed by Abhimanyu that her hand will be permanently paralysed at some point in the future.

Akshara mobile rings. The conversation continues with Abhimanyu asking Akshara to take the call. When Akshara learns that Kunal has agreed to check up on Abhimanyu, she experiences a range of strong emotions. Akshara is questioned by Goenka and the Birlas regarding the phone call. In the conversation, Akshara reveals that Kunal has agreed to check Abhimanyu’s hand. She has expressed her confidence that he will also choose to go through with the operation. Joy fills the hearts of Abhimanyu and his companions. Arohi inquires of Akshara as to how Kunal was able to acquire her contact information. Akshara says that she told a person who she assisted at the Dargah that she would leave her phone number with them. She continues by saying that she is confident that the same person would have provided Kunal with her contact information. Abhimanyu hugs Akshara. Birlas and Goenkas get happy. In light of the fact that Manjiri was concerned for Abhimanyu, Anand is asked by Manjiri to also inform Harsh. To Harsh’s delight, the situation improves.

Anisha eventually makes it back to her house. Akshara’s happiness is very important to her. Abhimanyu hears from Akshara that she will be celebrating her birthday with a number of unexpected events. Anisha is questioned by Abhimanyu regarding the reason why she did not call him, given that he would have been willing to come and pick her up. Anisha approaches Akshara with a request to share some of the spotlight in the conversation. This is something that Akshara permits Anisha to do.

Anisha has popped the question to Kairav about getting married. Astonished expressions can be seen on the faces of Kairav and the others. Because Anisha made fun of the love that Kairav had for Suhasini, Suhasini became furious with her. Anisha is questioned by Kairav regarding the reason why she did not respond to the latter’s calls or messages. Anisha claims that she had a lot of things going on. Manish provides an estimate of the length of time necessary to send a message. Goenkas against Anisha. Suhasini cautions Kairav against giving Anisha a hasty response, and Kairav agrees. Anisha asks Kairav to speak up. Kairav stands mum.

Goenkas receives a request from Akshara to prioritise spending time with Kairav and Anisha. Suhasini is upset with Mahima because she did not provide Anisha with a good upbringing. She also mentioned that Kairav is under a lot of pressure because of Anisha. Mahima claims that even Abhimanyu is stressed out as a result of Akshara, but they never quote her. She holds Akshara responsible for the nerve damage that Abhimanyu sustained, she says. Abhimanyu takes Akshara’s side. Abhimanyu is questioned by Mahima regarding the reason why he did not intervene when Anisha was being accused of something. As an alternative to engaging in argument, Abhimanyu requests that everyone give Kairav and Anisha some time. [Episode Ends]


In the following excerpt, Akshara tells Abhimanyu that they will return to the hospital once his hand is fully recovered. According to Abhimanyu, it will be some time before he emerges from OT after going there. Anisha asks someone to leave before anyone else sees him and Anisha watches them leave. Akshara observes Anisha engaging in sexual activity with another person.

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