Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai [3rd September 2022] Written Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 3rd September 2022 Written Update On

The Episode Start With:

Akshara’s reaction to seeing Goenkas causes her to shed some tears. Suhasini has a conversation with Manish during which she expresses how she is feeling after receiving a blessing from Guruji. She has announced that she will go to the temple first thing in the morning, and anyone who wishes to accompany her is welcome to do so. As the authorities are unable to locate Akshara and Kairav, Manish claims that only God can assist them. When Manish was angry, Akshara thought he looked cute and handsome all at the same time. Manish, Suhasini, Akhilesh, Arohi, and Vansh are among the people she sees. Akshara tells Manish not to worry about the situation since after she meets with Abhimanyu, she will demonstrate that Kairav is innocent. Manish should not be concerned about Kairav, according to her. Akshara, you need to leave this location.
A phone call comes through from Kairav to Manish. Kairav hesitates to speak. Manish is under the impression that Kairav was the one who called. Kairav breaks down in tears and expresses how much he misses his family. Maya practise lip syn. Kunal helps Maya. A phone call from Kunal is received by Akshara. Kunal inquires of Akshara as to whether or not she is considering any other options. He emphasises the fact that she has not been seen at the hotel. Kunal receives the reassurance from Akshara that she will be back on time. Akshara receives word from Kunal that a press conference will take place first thing in the morning. He reveals that it was brought forward. Akshara assures everyone that she will not be late.

Suhasini and Akhilesh bumps into Manjiri. Suhasini asks Manjiri if she is fine. Manjiri asks Suhasini the same question. Suhasini assures me that there will be no problems. Akhilesh claims that the Birlas are hopeless because Akshara has been missing for a long time, but they are unconcerned about it. He raises question on Abhimanyu’s love for Akshara. Manjiri further mentions that Akshara has guaranteed that she will stay with Abhimanyu forever. Suhasini asks Akhliesh to stop the argument. She expresses a desire to be driven back home. Manjiri gets dirty as a result of Akhilesh’s hasty movement in the vehicle. The Manjiri believe the Goenkas are exacting revenge by throwing mud.

Mahima learn A call came in from outside the country for Manish. She makes a request for additional information regarding the call. Mahima makes the decision to let Abhimanyu know about the situation. Manjiri has been revived. She inquires about Manjiri’s thoughts on the muck. Manjiri relates the story of their disagreement that occurred earlier with Akhilesh and Suhasini. Abhimanyu has made the decision to travel all the way back to Udaipur. Concerned about their upcoming press conference are Kunal and Maya. They are concerned that Akshara would not make it in time. A return is made by Akshara. Shefali was able to discover that Abhimanyu had returned to Udaipur.
The Birlas are informed of the mud incident. Harsh decide to visit Goenkas. According to Akhilesh, Manjiri is a typical mother-in-law who never knows how to support anyone but her son. Suhasini makes a request for the argument to be stopped. Goenkas are paid a visit by Harsh, along with Neil, Anand, and Manjiri. The members of both families frequently argue with one another. After Harsh’s post, which caused Manish to become enraged, Manish stated that he will see to it that Kairav is hanged. He attempts to raise his hand to Harsh, but Abhimanyu cuts him off. [Episode Ends]


Manish drags Abhimanyu out of the house and claims he is a good brother but has failed to become a good spouse. The scene ends with this sentence. Shefali removes Abhimanyu from the occasion to speak with him. Abhimanyu is able to pick out Akshara’s voice over the phone call.

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