Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai [5th September 2022] Written Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 5th September 2022 Written Update On

The episode start with:

Manish finally spots Abhimanyu and reacts by taking a few steps back. Abhimanyu remembers Anand striking Manish with his hand. He claims that on that particular day he was unable to prevent whatever had taken place, but that is not the case today. As Akshara stands off to the side of the stage, she is able to listen in on the conversation between the singers on stage. She has fantasies about thanking Abhimanyu for his assistance at her presentation. In an earlier dream, Akshara and Abhimanyu are heard professing their love for one another. To bring you back up to speed, Akshara has stated that she will one day make her goal come true. Maya runs away after experiencing fear and abandoning the location. Kunal and Akshara runs behind Maya.

Abhimanyu has been quoted as saying that Manjiri is the only person who matters to him. He argues that Manjiri has received unjust treatment. Abhimanyu urges Goenkas to apologise to Manjiri. Abhimanyu prevents Harsh from interrupting the conversation when he makes the attempt. Abhimanyu states that he is talking and continues by saying that they have been arguing over the past for a year. In order to prevent any additional hostility from being added to the list, he requests that Goenkas issue an apology to each of them. According to Akhliesh, the incident with Manjiri and the mud was purely coincidental and not the result of any deliberate action on his part. According to Abhimanyu, everyone in a civilised community is expected to apologise for their actions, regardless of whether or not they intended to cause harm. If Akhliesh were to start tallying up all of their transgressions, the list, he argues, would quickly become inaccurate. He says the Birlas should also apologise to them for any inconvenience. Suhasini claims that the action taken by Akhilesh was inadvertent, and she can testify on Akshara to support this claim. Abhimanyu pleads with the Goenkas and the Birlas to put an end to their squabbling. He tells Birlas that she should head back to her house.

Abhimanyu is called out by Manish for the fact that he is constantly trying to escape difficult situations. Harsh claims that Akshara and Kairav escaped, and he is holding Abhimanyu responsible for their action. There was a disagreement between Manish and Harsh. Both Akshara and Kairav are considered to be on the run after Harsh’s statement. Abhianyu gets angry. Having arrived at Manish’s location, he inquires about continuing their conversation. Maya experiences the onset of a panic attack. She explains to Kunal that she won’t be able to look the crowd in the eye when she gets there. Kunal tries to convince Maya. Maya decide to escape. As they have been getting ready for the occasion for the past twelve months, Kunal requests Akshara to persuade Maya on their behalf. Kunal receives some sound advice from Akshara, who informs him that what he is doing is technically considered to be cheating and not effort.

Manish relays to Abhimanyu the information that Akshara is attempting to assist Kairav in light of the bogus accusations made against him. But after that, none of us have any idea what took place with Akshara; we are completely in the dark about it. They have no idea whether Akshara is still alive or not, as Manish reveals in this conversation. Abhimanyu should maintain a crossing position with his fingers. He accuses Abhimanyu of not fining Akshara, which is contrary to what Abhimanyu did. Manish tells Abhimanyu that he is a nice brother, but that he has failed to live up to his potential as a good husband. In a different part of the story, Akshara is trying to get Maya to face the audience. Maya came to the conclusion that she should perform lip sync while wearing the mask.

Manish inquires of Abhimanyu concerning the actions he takes in order to locate Akshara. Abhimanyu explains to Mainsh that he won’t be able to comprehend what’s going on. Abhimanyu is kicked out of the house after being ordered to leave by Manish. Maya turns her back on the people surrounding her. Shefali fail to see Kunal. Abhimanyu made the decision to search for Akshara in order to obtain the answers he needed. Birlas is informed by Mahima that Manish has got a phone call from Mauritius.


Abhimanyu has just become aware of Akshara’s presence and has made the decision to pursue her.

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