Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai [6th August 2022] Written Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 6th August 2022 Written Update on

In the segment that aired today, Suhasini reveals that Anisha won’t be returning to Mumbai after her wedding. She claims that while she and Kairav are in Udaipur, they can participate in any activity, but that after the wedding, they will not be able to travel to Mumbai. Suhasini and Kairav engage in a conversational attempt. The interference of Kairav is prevented by Suhasini. Suhasini is surprised to hear Akshara ask the hypothetical question. “What if Birla’s asked you to stop singing?” Both are separate entities, according to Suhasini. Abhimanyu side Anisha. Anisha should decide for herself what kind of work she wants to do, according to Akshara. She continues by asking what might happen if Anisha were to suggest to Kairav that he leave his job. Anisha has made the decision to stop acting. She reassures Akshara that she is prepared to settle down and be a housewife and asks that she not worry. Abhimanyu checks in with Anisha to see if she is certain about something. Anisha asserts that she is free to choose whatever she wants and that she is confident in her choice.

According to Mahima, the situation has been resolved. She claims that she has already discussed the matter with the pandit, and that the wedding can take place after ten days. Birlas and Goenkas say it is very soon. Suhasini promises that she will inquire about this matter further with her pandit ji. She claims that because she has made so many preparations for Kairav’s wedding, she can move the ceremony up. After a period of ten days, Akshara and Abhimanyu are successful in persuading Suhasini to consent to the marriage of Kairav and Anisha. She wants Anisha to find some peace and quiet before she makes any more messes, so Mahima is thinking. The wedding will go ahead, according to Suhasini. Suhasini asked Anisha to reassure her that she would make a good daughter-in-law, and Anisha did so. Concerned about Abhimanyu’s hand, Akshara expresses her concerns. Abhimanyu assures Akshara that he will recover completely from the injury to his hand. In addition to concentrating on his hand and the forthcoming wedding of Kairav, he requests that she pay attention to her singing.

Congratulations are offered to Kairav by Vansh, Neil, and Parth. The upcoming wedding makes Kairav extremely happy. There is a problem, according to Neil. What are they asking, Birla and Goenka? According to Neil, it is still unknown whether Akshara and Abhimanyu will attend the wedding from Akshara’s side or from Abhimanyu’s side. According to Manjiri, Neil made her feel very uneasy. Neil suggests that they should conduct a coin toss in order to determine who will date Akshara and Abhimanyu. Concerned about Abhimanyu’s hand, Akshara expresses her concerns. Abhimanyu console Akshara.

Anand extends their gratitude for Harsh’s visit. Both parties engage in conversation. Anand is told by Harsh that Abhimanyu and Neil’s moral character was shaped by their mother Manjiri’s upbringing. Akshara inquires of Harsh regarding Kunal’s response to her question. Harsh affirms that he has already written to him. She sends Kunal a message asking for his assistance in treating Abhimanyu’s hand. Akshara is given responsibility for the wedding by Mahima. It is for Kairav and Anisha. Abhimanyu learns about the semi-final round that Akshara is competing in. He encourages her to sing with her full concentration. Akshara talks to Abhimanyu about whether or not the two of them will be able to successfully manage so many responsibilities together. Abhimanyu assure Akshara.

Goenkas’ prepare for Kairav, Anisha’s engagement. Anisha made the decision to buy a ring from the shop owned by her friend. Goenkas’ asks Kairav to support Anisha. A stranger introduces themselves to Anisha. A glimpse of Anisha catches Akshara’s eye. Anisha makes an effort to persuade Akshara that a casting team is following her.

In addition, Akshara expresses her joy over the news that Kairav and Anisha are going to get engaged. [Episode Ends]


Abhimanyu receives word from Harsh that Kunal will be arriving at their location in a short while. Abhimanyu hugs Harsh. Kunal makes an entry.

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