Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai [9th August 2022] Written Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 9th August 2022 Written Update

In the episode from today, Kunal suggests that Abhimanyu should make other plans to meet with him and suggests that he take a leave of absence. Akshara inquires of Kunal concerning the possibility of today’s check-up taking place. Kunal believes that they can accomplish their goal today; however, Abhimanyu might be exhausted. According to him, everything will be fine even if they proceed with the diagnosis on another day. Kunal overhears Mainsh telling him that they called him for Abhimanyu but that he was unable to make it because he was attending a family function. Anand comes to the conclusion that the best place to conduct the diagnosis is at Abhimanyu’s cabin. When Anand announced his decision to send Abhimanyu at precisely ten in the morning, Kunal was taken aback. He inquires of the Birals as to whether or not they are going to observe the festival of Rakshabandhan. Anisha asserts that the matter of Abhimanyu’s hand should take precedence, and that the celebration of Rakshabandhan can take place at a later time. According to Neil, this is the first time that anyone has given Rakshabandhan such a significant amount of importance.

According to Kunal, the relationship between a sister and a brother is the purest form of sibling bonding. Manjiri thanks Kunal for deciding to help Abhimanyu. Manish mentioned that he had left surgery, but he is now back for Abhimanyu, and the two of them cannot express how happy they are. Manjiri asserts that Kunal is on par with a god for them and that they worship him. Manjiri is asked by Kunal to stop referring to him as God so that he can live his life as a normal human being. He continues by saying that humans can be self-centered at times, whereas God is not capable of doing so. Abhimanyu is encouraged to get plenty of sleep at Kunal’s request. He is effusive in his praise of Akshara’s singing. After what seemed like an eternity, he says that he was able to hear a beautiful voice.

Abhimanyu and Akshara talk. They begin to feel excited, thinking that as soon as Abhimanyu’s hand is no longer in pain, he will rush to the overtime. Both feel their excitement level rising. Manjiri has a conversation with Harsh and shares with him her opinion that Kunal is a good man. According to Harsh, he didn’t even bring up the subject of the fee. He expresses his happiness for Abhimanyu’s return to the operating room and says that he is happy for him. Manjiri sets Harsh straight by pointing out that it was Akshara’s efforts that paved the way for Kunal’s success. There is complete agreement between you and Manjiri. Manjiri and Harsh have come to the conclusion that they should continue their fast for Abhimanyu until it is determined whether or not he will recover.

Akshara bump into Anisha. Akshara recalled Anisha having a meeting with a particular individual. Anisha distracts Akshara by telling her that if Abhimanyu’s test comes back positive, then that will be the best Rakshabandhan gift she could receive. As she prepares to leave with Manjiri, she inquires of Akshara whether or not the latter requires anything before she leaves. Akshara stand mum.

Late at night, Abhimanyu was concerned about his hand. Abhimanyu should feel at ease thanks to Akshara. Kunal diagnose Abhimanyu. Concerns have been raised by Akshara regarding Abhimanyu. She prays to God that He will give Abhimanyu the ability to overcome his challenges. Akshara made the difficult decision to give up her favourite activity in exchange for Abhimanyu’s successful outcome. Anand and Harsh are currently occupying themselves while they await Abhimanyu. Kunal checks the status of the report. Abhimanyu inquires of Kunal concerning the outcome of the situation. Abhimanyu receives reassurance from Kunal, who informs him that there is a 99% chance that his hand will be fine. Akshara, Anand, and Harsh are all filled with joy at this news. To that, Kunal suggests adding one percent for the part that fate will play. He advises Abhimanyu to relax and take it easy for the next four days because the surgery will be performed as soon as it can be scheduled. The happy couple Akshara and Abhimanyu celebrate.

When Suhasini sees Anisha wearing her lehenga, she takes offence to it. Akshara overhears someone at the Birla hospital asking Anisha to meet him and she reports what she heard. [Episode Ends]


Anisha’s girlfriend Akshara is overheard conversing with her boyfriend, and Akshara’s reaction is one of utter shock.

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