Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai [9th September 2022] Written Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 9th September 2022 Written Update On

The episode start with:

Manjiri calls Abhimanyu. She explains to Abhimanyu that she prayed for his tranquilly, and in response, God blessed her by allowing the flower to fall from the sky. Manjiri receives reassurance from Abhimanyu that he would soon be at rest. When Manjiri looks at the flower, she sees. Kairav believes that informing Akshara that he is now in Udaipur will not cause her any inconvenience. In an effort to reach Kairav, Akshara picks up the phone. She is under the impression that she is getting closer and closer to meeting Abhimanyu. Akshara is concerned that Abhimanyu may become enraged with her, but she is aware of how to appease him. Abhimanyu is patiently waiting for Akshara. He admits that he could be incorrect, but his heart can’t let it. Abhimanyu is under the impression that he attempted to contact Akshara, but she did not respond. He is perplexed as to why none of the others recognised Akshara. If Akshara had changed her name, what would Abhimanyu think? He gets irked.

Maya made the decision to meet and take photos with her devoted following. The voice is quite well received, according to Akshara. She goes on to say that she isn’t complaining about anything. Maya is giddy with anticipation whenever she gets to interact with her devoted followers. Abhimanyu has discovered that Maya will be meeting with her fans. He arrives at the hotel under cover of darkness in the vain hope of finding Akshara there. Many of the listeners there took selfies and said, “lag ja gale” when the performer arrived. Abhimanyu is able to see Akshara when he closes his eyes. When he turns around, he is taken aback by Maya’s appearance. Maya posed for photographs with her devoted followers. Kairav reach Goenka Villa and hide.

Akshara hum lag ja gale song. Abhimanyu face Maya. He inquires of her regarding the lag ja gale song and whether she sang it. Maya nods. Abhimanyu says she is lying. Maya inquires about the significance of it. If she did sing the song, Abhimanyu wonders why she has a different sound today if she did sing it. Maya claims that she is sounding odd since her voice is lower than usual. The accusation made by Abhimanyu is that the voice is not hers. Maya inquires of Abhimanyu concerning the number of different vocalists that he is familiar with. Abhimanyu says atleast one. On multiple occasions, he has asserted that her voice is not her own. Maya will now depart from here. Maya is observed by Akshara to be in a tense state, prompting the latter to inquire about what took transpired. According to Maya, famous people must contend with many different types of supporters. She turns to Akshara for guidance on how to handle people who are acting irrationally. Maya is instructed to disregard these supporters by Akshara. Maya is concerned because Abhimanyu appears to be in a hopeless situation, and she was unable to take her eyes off of her. Abhimanyu decide to disclose Maya’s truth. In order to meet Akshara, he spends the night waiting at the hotel.

Concerned about Kairav’s wellbeing, Akshara expresses her concern. She tells her attorney that they need to get ready to save Kairav as soon as possible. Under the shade of a tree, Kairav takes a nap. Abhimanyu makes a phone call to Arohi and inquires about Akshara’s whereabouts. Arohi tells Mahima that Abhimanyu called to inquire about Akshara. Mahima is surprised to hear this news. Arohi receives recognition from Mahima, who then requests that she continue to keep her informed.

Maya leaves the motel and continues her journey. The pursuit of Abhimanyu continues. Something unfortunate happens to him. It appears to Akshara that Abhimanyu was involved in some sort of mishap. To prevent Akshara from reaching Abhimanyu, Kunal makes an effort to obstruct her path. Kunal receives a smack from Akshara, which is followed by a warning.


Akshara makes the decision to assist Abhimanyu. She comes to the conclusion that she should take him to the emergency room. In order to keep Akshara and Abhimanyu apart, Kunal searches for a solution.

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